XML Error message remains despite being file corrected


Sep 22, 2010
Berlin, Germany
I have copied a building (Venetian Arsenal) to add to my game (a self-modded History in the Making). As copied the Venetian Arsenal had the prerequisite Tech Seafaring (from another mod, not part of HitM). After I noticed this I changed Seafaring to Sailing. But the XML error message (basically: buildinginfos says SEAFARING) remains. I deleted the Venetian Arsenal completely from HitM and copied an already corrected Venetian Arsenal to my HitM. The XML error message still appears. Computer and game have been repeatedly started new after the first instance. It doesn´t interfere with the game at all, I simply click it away. But as the error no longer exists I wonder what the problem is. It is a steam installation. Does Civ4 or Steam cache error messages somewhere and repeats them forever without checking whether the error still exists? Can I get rid of it?
There is an XML cache, but I don't think it gets accessed when a mod is used – I only ever see "Init XML (uncached)" on the splash screen when loading a mod. Holding down the Shift key around that time is supposed to clear the cache. My installation from DVD keeps the cache in "\AppData\Local\My Games\Beyond the Sword\cache". The cache can also be disabled through My Games\Beyond the Sword\CivilizationIV.ini (DisableCaching=1). Not sure what those paths are with the Steam version. Anyway, I don't really think the cache is responsible. Maybe BtS is loading a different copy of the mod than the one you're modifying. Does the correct tech requirement show up in Civilopedia if you ignore the error message? Or maybe there could be a reference to SEAFARING in some second place that you forgot about? But, then, the tech requirement of a building should only be needed in one single place (in Civ4BuildingInfos.xml), so I don't really see how that could've happened. I guess you might've inserted the building twice; couldn't hurt to run a text search for "SEAFARING" if you haven't already, even on the whole XML folder if you have an appropriate tool at hand for that. I'm not aware of a cache mechanism that re-plays old error messages. (xml.log will store such messages; should get cleared on the next launch of the Civ executable unless OverwriteLogs is set to 0 in CivilizationIV.ini.)
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