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Hotfix #4 posted. Fixes AI never making peace after a coop war, culture from clearing Barbarian camps without having Authority, and a few other issues.

Hopefully this will be the last hotfix before the next official version.

As usual, the original post has been updated. Redownload the files from there and follow the instructions.

(Savegame compatible.)
I've seen that progress AI really takes its time with settling their 2nd city. (Russia, Assyria) Round 80+ in Epic Games. After the 2nd city the continue to expand normally (if they can). (Seen with hotfix 2 and 3)
Got a weird bug that needs pretty specific circumstances to be reproduced, will be posting on github ASAP.
Basically it boosts the CS by both Himeji castle (Bonus in friendly land) and crusaders zeal (10% in enemy lands and another 10% for a different religion) for a sum total of 35% of your units if you achieve the following.
  1. You picked Crusaders Zeal as your reformation belief.
  2. Fighting an Enemy that follows a different religion
  3. The combat is on the lands of a third player who follows another religion that gave both you and your enemy Open borders.
  4. Build Himeji castle.
I must say that voting system feels much better now.. good job, friends doesent vote for sanction against you but hostile civs do..
If Hotfix #4 is the last one, could anybody make a modpack of this Beta? No additional mods required, its just that VP doesnt work for me loading mods normally :(
Hey, is anybody still playing Multiplayer with Vox Populi?

Would love to join in :)
Hello everyone,

For the starters I'd like to express my great admiration to all the work and people involved in developing Vox Populi, after I discovered it some time ago it instantly became one of my best, if not the best gaming experience of my life! Thank you for your hard for and dedication!

Now, I've downloaded the Hotfix #4 last night and started a new game with Chinese (standard settings, Price difficulty, 8 AI - 16 City States, Continents) where I soon realized that on a quite large continent there was NO City States spawned at all. I have not explored entire map (other continents), but this is quite odd, since when processing the game (information bar at the bottom) it does not say it's processing/working on City State moves but from Player 8 goes directly to "Processing Barbarians". I quickly started another game just now, same settings, ensured City States are allowed in Advanced Settings but I've managed to explore entire continent again, finding 4 AI's and no City States again. Now, could be just a strange coincidence, but maybe I've messed something up? This is what I did last night -

- I've had latest (December version) VP installed and it worked like a charm (although amount of bribed was quite annoying :D )
- I've re-installed it again, VP - full installation with EUI - as it was instructed in the first post here
- Downloaded 1-9 Patch 43 Civ EUI with Hotfix 4 - I was completely unsure if this is the one I needed - I'm just playing Vox Populi so I assumed this one is the right one
- Unpacked and copy/file overwrite
- Went in cache folder and deleted it's content as suggested in the post.

That's it - game works perfectly - It's just this strange thing with City States. Maybe it's a stupid coincidence, maybe I'll encounter them later, but in both these mentioned games I've explored entire continents and there was not even one to meet.

Now, I don't know if I used the wrong Hotfix version or what could have happened, but I'd appreciate if anyone can suggest and help please?

EDIT - Just for more clarification - VP is the only Mod I am playing and have it installed, before this action from last night everything was working well and yes, I've checked all the Start Game settings, City States are defined and should be spawned...

EDIT #2 - I'm thinking I probably used the wrong Hotfix version, maybe it should have been just this file "1-9 Patch EUI with Hotfix 4" ? Anyhow, could be I'm just too much of a noob here, I'll check this option in a day or two, I want to finish this one game I started where I have such a great start :D
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@HungryForFood Did your changes to the 43 Civ version of AssignStartingPlots.lua break this? Only thing I think it could be, nothing else was changed.
Hi Recursive, what is the difference in between "1-9 Patch EUI with Hotfix 4" and 43 Civ version of the Hotfix file?

HungryForFood changed AssignStartingPlots.lua for the 43 Civ version, which I included in the hotfix. It decides which starting locations are valid...I assume there must be a bug or something.

The only other difference is, obviously, that you can have 43 civs instead of 22. :)
HungryForFood changed AssignStartingPlots.lua for the 43 Civ version, which I included in the hotfix. It decides which starting locations are valid...I assume there must be a bug or something.

The only other difference is, obviously, that you can have 43 civs instead of 22. :)

I guess I can now see what's the problem, but don't know how to explain what happened. Here's the screens where it shows that I installed 43 civs hotfix and the folder is in the Mods folder, but when starting a game and activating Mods it is not showing on the list. This was odd to me because previous version didn't had this 43 Civs item listed there at all.

Another confusing part for me is - with the previous December 12-1-3 version there were 43 civs already included in the gameplay? Or am I going mad? So then with the first Hotfix you have there that would be deducted to 22 Civs only?
Maybe Im not making any sense, anyhow, I guess I'll try reinstalling the VP and Hotfix and see what is going on

EDIT - I think I got it, it comes up to that I should have used regular Hotfix file and not 43-Civ one as I didn't checked 43-Civ Vox Populi when I installed it.

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Seems like you ran the 12-1-3 installer using the regular (non-43 civ) EUI option. You need to specifically choose to install 43 civ with EUI, then download the hotfix for 43 civ with EUI.
'Twas a screwup on my part with including the new AssignStartingPlots actually, will fix. However yeah, you installed the wrong version haha.

Hotfix #5 inbound, I need to fix an issue or two anyway.
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Hotfix #5 posted. Fixes the position of AssignStartingPlots.lua in the 43 Civ versions, fixes AI never making demands, makes a few minor tweaks, fixes Epona belief not scaling properly, fixes Great Musician Tourism calculation, and adds in new modder fixes/changes from @HungryForFood.

As always, original post has been updated with the latest files.

(Savegame compatible.)

Hoping THIS one will be the last one. :)

It IS a beta for a reason, haha.
For next version I've enabled trading lump Gold without a DoF, but blocked it from being used on votes.

With the three main exploits fixed (Gold Per Turn, Resources, Votes) there's no reason to require a DoF to trade lump Gold.

This also means you'll be able to demand Gold.

Edit: Removed ability, too exploitable - but I can add it as an option.
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Recursive, in what scenarios would you then be able to trade lump gold? IIRC, for embassies, open borders, defensive pacts, world maps, techs and war/peace declarations? I like the last three because you can't exploit it (as benefits on both sides are gained in full instantly), but defensive pacts, embassies and open borders could run into the same problem as trading for resources, so perhaps I'd eliminate that as well. On the other hand, I'm not sure why block it from being used on votes? I mean, once you've promised votes, they're cast automatically, so you can't go backsies, right?

I do like the ability to demand lump gold!
I really like the changes to how the AI cares about World Congress. Passing their proposals/giving them World Congress seems to have a huge impact now.
Also just had Sweden declare war on me only to find out they had logistics and range cannons and blitz/formation on the Hakkapeliittas, first time AI has seemed genuinely scary to me. If they knew to avoid coast when they don't have naval supremacy vs a bunch of frigates I'd have probably lost that battle badly.
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