Yet Another Preview: A boring unoriginal colonial NES


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Jan 21, 2002
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In a IM convo with warman i came up with a new colonial NES. It has the same boring old nations, it is even on the same old map. As usual the Spainish discover the New World sailing east looking for China. Nothing new about that. Wait... did he say east? As I am rushed, i ask you look at the same boring old map as usual. more information will be up later today.

Spoiler :
I call the Neatherlands (if I think the nation I'm thinking of is them()
I call China! (the nation in california)
Let me explain this in greater depth, shall I?

Cuba is England, Florida is Portugal and Spain, Michegan and New England/Halifax are the German states, while the lower Mississippi is Italy. China is on the West Coast while Russia spans Alaska and most of Canada. The Austrian Hungarian Empire rules Kansas while Switzerland remains neutral in Kentucky. Get it yet? Aztecs rule Carthage and the Incans have settled Africa's east coast. I hope it is becoming clear. Other than those small details this is a colonial story NES, with simple rules and will be posted later today since it will be relatively easy to update.
I want...umm.....Italy.
well once you see complete list of nations there is no Italy yet, but you can have Sicily or Sardina, or even the Papal States. Since i mentioned it, here is the list with a description of their location.

England: Cuba (Scots are in Haiti, Jamacia is Ireland)
Spain: western Florida
Portugal: eastern Florida
France: pink blob north of Florida
Papal States: new orleans area
Ottomon Empire: Red blob in Mexico
Greece: Yucatan
Egypt: Venezuela
Sicily: Dark green in Mississippi (the state)
Sardina: blob just west of Sicily
Netherlands: where New York is
Switzerland: small blob north of Sicily
Prussia: Michegan
Bavaria: Chicago and surronding areas
Minor German states: New England and Halifax
Denmark: small blob north of Prussia
Sweden: the yellow one in the north, colors to be changed and added with Norway, since historically Sweden ruled both at this point.
Russia: big brown thing in Canada
Austria-Hungary: green blob in middle of America
Persia: directly west of Austria
India: western Mexico
China: California
Korea: north of China
Japan: Vancouver island thing and Hawaii (dont ask how they got there, they just did)
Aztecs: Carthage
Mayans: Palestine
Incans: east Africa coast
well that isnt their name, the map you see was temporary, thread and new map can be expected shortly and all will be clear.
I'll take the Ottoman's, I guess.
Hey, I'm new and everything, so.. hi.

I'd like to take Egypt.
will post the thread tonight, i was distracted by the resurgence of my Red Alert NES, and welcome to magneta
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