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Feb 10, 2005
London, England
Friends of mine and I, who simply looove music and especially music history, have been finding that YouTube is a veritable treasure trove of archive footage. On it you can find old and rare clips featuring the greatest musicians ever to have graced the planet. So let's share the best findings with each other here on CFC!


Some guidance and rules to help the thread work well, if you don't mind.

~ You can use the search function in the top right to find the clips.

~ Please only post footage that features the artist in person and / or their original music video. (There are loads of self shot clips of random idiots bugging out to some music in their bedroom. There are also many amateurish clips from people who have made their own music videos. Those are boring and crappy and don't show/teach us anything about the artists in question.)

To help users of the thread and to avoid random, mysterious links being posted, please mention the:

~ Genre
~ Artist

And if possible:

~ Length of the clip
~ Some background info for our further education and appreciation.


Let's do this!


Links lead to posts in thread, with further info.

edit: I couldn't keep up with the relentless brilliance posted by so many in this thread. The videos listed below in this OP are just a fraction of what has been posted since Nov '06, when I last edited the list.


~ Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put A Spell On You
~ John Lee Hooker: Boom Boom + Tupelo + I'm In The Mood (with Bonnie Raitt)
~ Lightnin' Hopkins: Mojo Hand + Baby Please Don't Go
~ Son House: Levee Camp Blues
~ Albert King: Track title unknown/not posted.
~ Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter: Pick A Bale Of Cotton + March Of Time (with John Lomax)
~ Johnny Shines: Ramblin' (acoustic & electric)
~ Bessie Smith: St. Louis Blues
~ Koko Taylor: Jump For Joy
~ Big Mama Thornton: Hound Dog
~ T-Bone Walker: Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
~ Muddy Waters: Got My Mojo Working + Mannish Boy
~ Muddy Waters & Sonny Boy Williamson: Got My Mojo Working
~ Howlin' Wolf: Meet Me In The Bottom + May I Have A Talk With You + How Many More Years?


~ Bill Munroe: Body and Soul
~ Earl Scruggs: John Henry
~ The Stanley Brothers: Strangers to me


~ Astrud Gilberto: The Girl From Ipanema


~ Kraftwerk: Das Model


~ James Brown: I Feel Good
~ Bootsy Collins & His Rubber Band: Stretching Out + Very Yes
~ Parliament Funkadelic: Into You + Maggot Brain + Standing On The Verge Of Gettin' It On


~ Afrika Bambaataa: Just Get Up and Dance + Unity (with James Brown) + Zulu Nation Party Clip + World Destruction (with John Lyndon)
~ Coldcut: More Beats And Pieces
~ Common: Resurrection + Real People + I Used To Love H.E.R. + Superstar (with Floetry) + 6th Sense + Come Close
~ Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance
~ Dr Dre: Track title unknown/not posted
~ Eric B and Rakim: Paid In Full
~ Grandmaster Flash: The Adventures Of + White Lines + The Message
~ N.W.A.: Straight Outta Compton + Express Yourself
~ Run DMC: It's Like That
~ Tupac Shakur: How do you want it
~ Tone Loc: Funky Cold Medina + Wild Thing
~ Will I Am & Erika Badu: See Sergio Mendes in Jazz section


~ Cannonball Adderley: Primitivo + Jive Samba + Work Song
~ Louis Armstrong: Blueberry Hill
~ Chet Baker: My Funny Valentine
~ John Coltrane: Naima + Afro Blue + So What (with Miles Davis) + Alabama + My Favorite Things + Central Park West
~ Miles Davis: Footprints + At Isle of Wight Festival (1970) + So What (see John Coltrane)
~ Eric Dolphy: Drum solo
~ Stan Getz: See Bossa Nova section above
~ Herbie Hancock: Maiden Voyage (3 versions) + I thought it was you
~ Billie Holiday: Fine and Mellow + Strange Fruit
~ Sergio Mendes: That Heat (with Will I Am & Erykah Badu)
~ Lee Morgan: I Remember Clifford + A Night In Tunisia


~ Bad Religion: Suffer + 21st Century Digital Boy
~ Plastic Bertrand: Ça plane pour moi!
~ Blade Loki: No passaran
~ The Clash: Rock The Casbah + I Fought The Law
~ Conflict (with Steve Ignorant): Big A Little A
~ Crass: Mother Earth
~ Dead Kennedys: Let's Lynch The Landlord + Holiday in Cambodia + California Uber Alles
~ Dirt: After the Dance
~ Good Riddance: Mother Superior
~ Horkyze Slize: Vlak
~ Ignite: Fear is Our Tradition + Sunday Bloody Sunday
~ Jaksi taksi: Spotřebitel
~ The Jam: Town Called Malice
~ Jughead's Revenge: Rules Don't Apply
~ Misfits: Dig Up Her Bones With Zoli
~ The Pist: We're Still Pist
~ Propagandhi: Haillie Does Hebron + Purina Hall of Fame + The State Lottery
~ The Ramones: I don't want to grow up + Blitzkrieg Bop
~ Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The U.K. + God Save The Queen Live
~ The Specials: Ghost Town
~ Stratford Mercenaries: Big A Little A
~ Sublime: What I Got
~ Totalni Nasazeni: Cincila
~ Zona A: Puf a Muf


~ Desmond Dekker: The Israelites + Rude Boy Train + Get Up Edina! + Please Do not Bend
~ Eek-A-Mouse: Wa Do Dem
~ Bob Marley & The Wailers: Three Little Birds

'60s ROCK

~ The Doors: Peace Frog
~ Jimi Hendrix: Sunshine of your Love 1 + Sunshine of your Love 2 + Wild Thing
~ Van Morrison & Them: Baby Please Don't Go
~ The Who: My Generation


~ Chuck Berry: You Can't Catch Me + Sweet Li'l Sixteen
~ Ray Charles: What'd I Say + I Got a Woman
~ Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill
~ Elvis Presley: Hound Dog
~ Little Richard: Lucille + Long Tall Sally


~ Joan Baez: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around + Sweet Sir Galahad
~ Georges Brassens: Complainte des Filles de Joie + Mysogynie à Part + Rien à Jeter
~ Jacques Brel: Ne me quitte pas + Madeleine
~ Rosemary Clooney: Come On A-My House + Love and Marriage (with Jose Ferrer)
~ Nat King Cole: Medley (with Rosemary Clooney & Perry Como)
~ Perry Como: Medley (with Rosemary Clooney)
~ Billie Holiday: See Jazz section above
~ Mahalia Jackson: Down by the River Side (with Dinah Shore)
~ Peggy Lee: Why Don't You Do Right (with Benny Goodman) + Got Rhythm (with Dinah Shore)
~ Odetta: Careless Love + The Midnight Special
~ Dinah Shore: See Mahalia Jackson & Peggy Lee in this section
~ Nina Simone: For All We Know + When I Was In My Prime + Mississippi Goddamn
~ Sippie Wallace: Women Be Wise

List to be continued...
I'll kick off with some innovators of Rock'n'Roll!! :dance:

Chuck Berry ~ You Can't Catch Me (1956)

Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer, and song writer.

Chuck Berry is an immensely influential figure, and one of the pioneers of rock & roll music. Cub Koda wrote, "Of all the early breakthrough rock & roll artists, none is more important to the development of the music than Chuck Berry. He is its greatest songwriter, the main shaper of its instrumental voice, one of its greatest guitarists, and one of its greatest performers."[1] John Lennon was more succinct: "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry' ."

Wiki link

Little Richard ~ Lucille

Little Richard ~ "Long Tall Sally"

Little Richard (born Richard Wayne Penniman, December 5, 1932 in Macon, Georgia) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist, an early pioneer of Rock 'n' Roll, Penniman has influenced generations of R&B and Rock artists.

Many of his fans have proclaimed Richard as The Real King of Rock 'n' Roll (in reference to the deceased Elvis Presley, who's known by the moniker "The King of Rock 'n' Roll"). Penniman has also been called the King of Rockin 'n' Rollin, Rhythm & Blues Soulin' . His original injection of funk into the rock and roll beat in the mid-1950's also had a profound influence on the development of that genre of music.

His early recording career in the 1950s established his reputation with a mix of boogie-woogie music and rhythm and blues, heavily steeped in gospel music, but with a heavily accentuated back-beat, funky rhythm, raspy-shouted vocals, and breathlessly delivered lyrics that marked a decidedly new kind of music that would become known as Rock 'n' Roll. Little Richard has been credited by James Brown, who called Little Richard his idol, with "first putting the funk in the rock and roll beat", by Smokey Robinson as "the start of that driving, funky, never let up rock 'n' roll", by Dick Clark as "the model for almost every rock and roll performer of the '50's and years thereafter", and Ray Charles, in 1989, as "the man that started a kind of music that set the pace for a lot of what's happening today."

Wiki link
Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Hawkins, Webster, Mulligan, and more in one of the greatest jazz get togethers on video ever: Fine and mellow

Lady Day's Strange Fruit

John Lee Hooker with his trademark Boom Boom while he was still a young 'un

John Lee Hooker's Tupelo

That covers the basic jazz and blues, here's an early Stones show from the same era - Little Red Rooster - the roots are plain as day.

Ram, if you like Chuck, here's another goodie Sweet Li'l Sixteen from Jazz on a Summer's Day.
A fantastic idea for a thread, Rambuchan, and it's going to be hard to beat those opening videos. Check out that second Little Richard one where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves far more than they usually are in music videos of this period - and is that really Bill Haley sitting in the audience?

The Tupelo clip in the previous post is where it's at, though.

Clearly we need a bit more Blues.

Here are some clips of the legendary Howlin' Wolf. The Wolf (real name Chester Burnett) was a country blues star in the 1930s, when he played with figures such as Sonny Boy Williamson and Robert Johnson. Then in the 1940s he was a giant on the music scene in Memphis, where put together an electric band and was first recorded by Sam Phillips. When he first heard Wolf sing, Phillips said "This is where the soul of man never dies," and he always considered Wolf his greatest find - even though he also discovered Elvis! Howlin' Wolf then moved to Chicago and became one of the titans of post-war electric blues, uneasily sharing his crown with Muddy Waters. Waters was the better musician, but no-one ever had a voice quite like Howlin' Wolf. He was a massive influence on the Rolling Stones and other rock artists of that era. Little Red Rooster was his song originally, of course. The man was a force.

For all that, there are precious few video clips of him in action. Here are some of the best ones, all from the mid-60s.

Meet Me In The Bottom - Howlin' Wolf

May I Have A Talk With You - Howlin' Wolf

How Many More Years? - Howlin' Wolf
Thanks for reminding me Rambuchan.

I finally get to watch some Front Line Assembly videos! A lot of them too...

Wow!! You guys have exceeded my expectations with your offerings, especially those with the extra info. These are all gems! BIG THANKS!! :thumbsup:


Here's Ray Charles with a hugely influential track, for blues, for funk, for soul, for gospel, for rock'n'roll, for rhythm and blues and soooo much more:

What'd I Say

The background story is great too....

"What'd I Say" is a popular two-part recording that was released in 1959 by R&B/soul singer-songwriter Ray Charles. The song was ranked tenth on Rolling Stone's List of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song has been featured as one of 500 songs that shaped rock & roll according to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and for its historical, artistic and cultural significance was added by the Library of Congress to the US National Recording Registry in 2002.


According to Charles, while performing at a Milwaukee nightclub, he had performed the last song of his set, "The Night Time (Is the Right Time)", when he was informed that there was another twelve minutes left in the show. Charles decided to fill the time by performing an impromptu version of the song that would eventually be recorded as "What'd I Say". Charles told his backing band and female background singers, the Raelettes, to "just follow me". The song began on a Latin influenced drum beat and keyboard riff before Charles improvised his own lyrics to it.

As the band became more comfortable with the piece, Charles and the Raelettes started an impromptu call and response vocalization that was charged with soul and sexual provocation. Charles later said that the call and response section was "all about the sounds of making love".

Wiki link
And about the man himself...
Ray Charles was the stage name of Ray Charles Robinson (September 23, 1930 – June 10, 2004). He overcame the handicap of blindness to become a pioneering American pianist and soul musician who shaped the sound of rhythm and blues and brought a soulful sound to everything from country music to pop standards to a now-famous rendition of "America the Beautiful." Frank Sinatra called him "the only true genius in the business."

Wiki link
Seems there are other blues peeps here, you might enjoy this Son House gem - Levee Camp Blues - I'm not gonna write up stuff when wiki delivers excellent info on most of these artists - here's Son House
Chipping in with some Reggae now.

Here's some winding and grinding and hot stepping from Eek-A-Mouse at the Reggae Sunsplash 1981. Check the moves and the vocal trickery :cool:

Eek-A-Mouse Wa Do Dem
D.Ö.F - Codo

Most of you will probably scream for mercy when seeing this clip, but it does really remind me of my childhood which in turn makes me like this song a lot :) It was part of a pop movement in germany usually called "Neue Deutsche Welle" (new german wave). Especially the line "und ich düse, düse, düse, düse im Sauseschritt" is something every german speaking person has probably heard at some time or other. Also, please note the atrociously cheap done video :lol:

the bandname D.Ö.F. supposedly stands for Deutsch Österreichisches Feingefühl (german-austrian sensitiveness) :lol:

Supposedly, there's also a yiddish version of this song called Cojdoj, the flying Schissel, but I was unable to find that :ack:

Linky: Codo
Good find there Kaeptn!

:cooool: :lol:

Could you do a translation of 'düse im Sauseschritt'? Had a quick peek at leo and it seems that düsen and sausen means exactly the same...
thetrooper said:
Good find there Kaeptn!

:cooool: :lol:

Could you do a translation of 'düse im Sauseschritt'? Had a quick peek at leo and it seems that düsen and sausen means exactly the same...
hard to translate, especially since I've never heard the word Sauseschritt being used except in this song. You're right düsen and sausen is pretty much the same. Düse is the german word for jet engine, so düse means something like "to jet". it's usually used in colloquial german to signify hurrying, walking fast, etc. sausen means 'to whiz'. So it could be translated into "and I jet with whizzing steps" :crazyeye:
Damn fine Elvis track back there. But you need to listen to Hound Dog by the original artist - Big Mama Thornton. Yes, that's Buddy Guy on guitar. Check out the way Thornton saunters in with her handbag - and her snide message for Elvis at the end!

While we're on the subject of rock and roll influences, hold your nose for Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Never in the history of music has any man been given such a wonderful voice and done his level best to twist it out of all recognition. Jay was one of the real rock and roll pioneers, but he didn't get much coverage because he was considered too scary (I Put A Spell On You sold millions in 1956, but it didn't make the charts because it was banned from radio playlists). He remains, as far as I know, the only blues singer to be also a great opera singer - he originally wanted to sing opera, but this was impossible for a black performer in the 1950s. Amazingly, he got his break as a piano player for Fats Domino - even though Domino was a better pianist than Jay, and Jay was a far better singer than Domino!

It's a shame the only clips of Jay that are available are fairly recent (he died only recently), because he was doing this in the 1950s too - rising out of flaming coffins, shooting jets of fire from his hands, throwing rubber bands at the audience while singing about worms, and getting arrested for nudity. And they thought Elvis was dangerous! This is where goth horror rock begins - from Marylin Manson to Alice Cooper and all those who have come since. In his heyday he must have been a sight to behold.

I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
@Ironduck: JLH is just awesome!

@Kaeptn: How could you? :cry:
I retalitate with Dschinghis Kahn - Moskau!

Since we were talking about Blues earlier, here is one of the masters:
Albert King(live!)
Till said:
@Kaeptn: How could you? :cry:
I knew by posting this I'd earn myself the etarnal hate of all the germans on this board (if they survive the clip) :p

I retalitate with Dschinghis Kahn - Moskau!
awesome :cool: Russia is a beautiful country, ho ho ho ho ho HEY :lol:

to reconcile, something with a bit more power. One of my all time favorite songs, by one of my all time favourite Bands:

The Trooper - Iron Maiden

wiki said:
"The Trooper" is a song by Iron Maiden, written by bass player Steve Harris, from their 1983 album Piece of Mind. The song is about the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, and is at least partially based upon Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade." The song is a perhaps bleaker vision of this poem, taking the viewpoint of one of the slain troopers. It is known for the "galloping" sound of its guitar, as well as its catchy and easy to remember riff, and is a crowd favourite at concerts. Ironically, the song is actually longer than the charge that it's based on.

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson has typically introduced the song in concert by (loosely) quoting the poem: "Into the valley of death rode the six hundred. Cannon to left of them, cannon to right of them, volleyed and thundered, 'The Trooper.'" Usually, Dickinson is waving a flag during the song, but on the last few tours he wears an authentic-looking red jacket.

Link to full article
Everyone should listen to that Albert King track. That's guitar - as they say, it's the notes that he doesn't play that make it.

May as well make it the complete set. Here's the most famous and influential post-war blues singer: Muddy Waters, the man who should need no introduction to anyone here.

Here he is in his raw 1960 prime. Apparently after performances like this he would have to spend the next day lying in a dark room with a damp cloth on his forehead:

Got My Mojo Working - Muddy Waters

And here he is in his 1970s majesty:

Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters
Great idea!

I'd like to share this Hip Hoppy, Latin Samba funky colored kinda clip of Sergio Mendes featuring Will I Am and Erykah Badu

That Heat

And one of the greatest things I found on Youtube; Jacques Brel singing Le Port D'Amsterdam. His passion and energy are amazing.

Le Port D'Amsterdam
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