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    1. Birdjaguar
      I guess we missed each other.
    2. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Even so, you still care about maintaining some quality in Light OT, right? If you don't, then there's no need to create a new forum; just move all the "non-serious" stuff to Forum Games.

      The second paragraph very nicely illustrate the mismatch in mentality between the site's Management and the OT/NES/Other Games community. The latter group thinks of "community" as the Civfanatics forums and the collective body of posters, whereas the former group thinks of "community" as "the Civilization brand and gaming community."

      (Also, by the way, last I looked the posters with the highest PC tends to be posters from the NES community, where standards for spam and chatter is rather low compared to anywhere in the Colosseum).
    3. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      In any case, if encouraging higher quality post is the objective the way you are going about it is strange. Whatever the mods may think of the matter, people like post counts. People like earning post counts. It's not elitism or anything; but it's nice to see something attached to your name that represents your contribution to the community. Post count should be a reward for high quality discussion. Take that away, and you get dissatisfied posters who treat the forum as a rubbish dump and irate moderators fuming at the apparent ungratefulness of the community.

      It's strange to see the Management treating a forum like Light OT where they care about a high quality of discussion, the same as Forum Games, where the opposite is true.
    4. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      It makes you wonder what proportion of posts has to be chatter/banter for PC to be turned off in a particular forum, or what is considered chatter/banter in the first place.

      Over half the threads by my reckoning in Forum Games (excluding Mafia and IOT) is pure spam. The only OT thread that is even comparable to those Forum Games threads is the "What Music Are You Listening To" thread. Even Random Rants and Random Raves are more like "everyday life discussions not worth their own thread" threads. These and most other serial threads, not even considering the more light-hearted topical threads, are clearly discussion threads.

      Which brings us to the Management's definition of chatter. Is chatter considered to be the type of spam typically found on Forum Games. If so, then Light OT in general should not be considered as such. Is chatter anything that's unrelated to Civ? If so, then all the other forums outside of the Civ forums should be post count less.
    5. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Even "Light" OT discussions still have actual discussions in them.

      The same can't be said for, for instance, the upvote-downvote threads or "do x to the person above you" threads in Forum Games.
    6. Takhisis
      The vanilla's nto very good and modding it is a pain in the arse because Firaxis first decided to make CivIII be a beta, Play the World be a patch instead of an expansion and Conquests the working version, they took the scripting from Civ II away and hardcoded a lot of limits which we are at pains to go around (and usually do to to great success) but they moved o to Civ IV because it was easier to make money off of.

      The mods themselves are rather good, some are better than Civ IV. Definitely a great bargain bin buy.
    7. Takhisis
      You… don't have CivIII? My sincerest condolences.
    8. Takhisis
      WHHAAAATTT??? No, we're ALL ripping off from Rome: Total War where everyone has their faction icons displayed as similar symbols. Why don't you download Hegemon and start playing? It's quite fun actually.
    9. Takhisis
      No it's not, Mr. Camikaze. It's an icon from a CivIII scenario, more specifically, the Athenian faction.
    10. Monthar
      In the "Gods and Kings - Overview" thread you didn't include these faiths from the "Found a Religion" screenshot.
      Ceremonial Burial +1 Happiness for each city following religion
      Church Property +2 gold for each city following religion
      Defender of the faith +20% Combat near friendly cities that follow this religion
      Flourishing of the Arts +10% culture if not at war
      Initiation rites +100 gold when each city first converts to this religion
      Just War +20% Combat near enemy cities that follow this religion
    11. Luckymoose
      Why are those threads at the top of the forum permanent? They are in the way.
    12. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      I see they've made it easier for us to see which staff member is in a good mood.
    13. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Can I talk to you?
    14. Aristos
      thank you
    15. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      What exactly is your avatar of?
    16. LucyDuke
      "Moderator Action: You are allowed to use one of the Civ-related avatars that we provide until you accumulate 30 posts and have been here for 30 days. If every new user were to upload a custom avatar, it would take up quite a lot of space!"

      Is that actually the reason?
    17. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      You have a higher post count than me now!
    18. BjoernLars
      If you haven't bought Civ V for the War Academy Prize, this weekend might be a good weekend to buy it.
    19. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Just letting you know how much I appreciate all the prompt assistance helping me overcome my computer illiteracy . Your patience has been fantastic
    20. zyx
      Hi, I'd like to know, how I can structure text in a spoiler. Because now all the promotions in the promotion thread are in one column instead of four.
      Can you help me?
      Thanks zyx
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