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  • Sons of Mars

    You understand that by attacking Liberia, you will 1) gain a huge spike in revolt risk, and 2) give every nation around you an excuse to attack you, yes? :confused:
    Well it's currently finished and on my hard drive - I'm editing and revising to enter it into a competition to get published - best case it's going to be a year or two before you see it anywhere :p And that's if I win the competition.
    nah it's a joke on a silly thread that was here, I think I've posted it elsewhere and on forum polls and stuff. I'm 20.
    The one is completely screwed up, those don't render into phonetical signs. :(

    The Wiki one'll do in the meantime. Thatd pdf is something… interesting. I'd never even seen half the symbols in there before.
    Hey civplayah, do you know how to post the IPA phonetic characters? I'm doing a subject called 'Phonology' this year. :)
    I'm just new to the site, haha. I've played games of Mafia on other forums, so I know how to play a bit. And yeah, I know Xpl from a few sites.
    Well... The political compass is kind of using Amerizanized standards. Hitting extreme left isn't hard if you're not brought up with the wholemeal liberalism...

    It's pretty hard to put one's political beliefs in an exact phrase, but to touch on economy briefly I believe one cannot have an equal system without and equalist economy. That means a strong economic redestribution of goods, but at the same time I am very concerned with authoritan states... Ideally, we would have an open and transparent system that at the same time accomodated severe distribution of wealth.

    It's idealistic (and pretty simpled down), but I think it'll have to do.
    It's interesting to note that the world (or at least Denmark) has been moving in the wrong direction on both axises for the last decade, at least.
    best new show on TV, check it out

    edit - I plan to make an extensive, actual thread in a couple days, probably in A&E if you're interested
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