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  • Hey mate, you can still send orders in if you want, it's only a Soft Fluffy Pink Orders lock after all.
    A reminder that CityIOT registration and election endorsements are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; those wishing to campaign must declare their candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight.
    Please complete your sign-up for CityIOT ASAP. If you wish to campaign for office, you will need to either finish your signup and declare candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight, or let me know that you want to and can't finish the sign-up by that time.
    Remember to vote on whether COPE should have a chairman/general secretary and if yes then who. We suggest you vote for one of the candidates on the table as oppose to adding additional in light of Yugoslavia's critique. We would personally suggest you support Akanahe Kaʻanāʻanā for his administrative and diplomatic experience.
    If I were you I would cancel your war against our ally and join against the Romans; the Gethic and Yugoslavia are both superpowers. It is not in wisdom to face us both; though we are far from you we believe that your "popularity" with European states may allow us ports. If you revoke war we are prepared to... offer suggestions for improvement.

    Do not mess with the vision of Vancore, for his might cannot be questioned for he is right.

    Vancore is wishing to listen to your pleads; he is not of wroth and he will gladly aid you in the right direction to the path of order and peace. Consider well the Gethic way, for we are the future.

    All hail Vinsin Vancore!
    Consider a research pact with the Gethic Hand, as well as special trade and a pact of non-aggression.
    Hmm... we did not expect you to not take Portugal; it would have been a good buffer and landing area for your forces.

    Still: we all hope for peace in the end. Maybe colonialism outside Europe is the answer to all problems.
    France is aware that we are going to have to tolerate the British in the conference that will be taking place. Hence if you want to form control of unclaimed Portugal (the Swiss claimed some parts of it) as your MPs suggest then consider well. In the mean time there is a chance of looking outwards. We are already in talk with the Swiss.

    We also want to know your opinion of the Russians and their monarchy.
    Mind if I actually write you into the story as one of the last Americans to survive? What do you want your character's personality, bio, and name to be?
    You claimed a ork claim in IOT16! I had orks made landing in Honduras for a route to the Pacific. Consider alteration, especially as the orks have a defence pact with China.
    Hey GA, just wanted to apologize if I came off as a bit of an arse in the RAIOT thread. It was nothing against you or your decisions, rather it was the fact that in the IOT that you could call the precursor to this one, my whole team did literally nothing, and I ended up sending in orders for all of GDI (anout...5 players at least). Just wanted to make sure nothing like that would happen again, sorry if I sounded like a jerk more than anything else.
    What the hell is the point of banking 4IP and building an APC if you're not going to expand to the rest of France?
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