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  • yeah I am not using civ fanatics all that much.. I mainly play mafia on the totalwar center and on the so now I just payed civ fanatics another visit :)

    I am a little uncertain about your question.. what I like to play.. From what I have seen of your gamethread (haven't read it through yet) , it would appear you are familiar with Frank Herbert's Dune.. If I were to play a nation, I believe I would start as a house minor.. that would make the most sense at least. So what I like to play.. what would intrigue me the most would an affiliation with the mercantile organization or the religious perhaps.. though the mercantile faction (which you control? ) would be the top priority
    hello.. you run a never ending story atm, and if posisible (not sure it is) I would like to be in :) it seems very fun :)
    Not to be a poop, but you will get an infraction for that.. find one without nipples visible?
    Hey Immac, just in case you've forgotten could you answer my ImmacuNES diplo at some point? Thanks :)
    I don't think I can give ImmacNES III the attention it needs and rightfully deserves from me right now. Sorry. :(
    Hey Immac, could you check the ImmacuNES council group. Need some details from you :)
    Yeah, I thought of joining a NES after FFHII, but a) none seemed to have the right combination of stats/rules and open ended diplo, and b) I was moving to California to get a real job.

    Now that that job has a lot of downtime, I'm able to stalk the forums again.
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