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  • My question is why people keep voting for this dude. Maybe you guys need term limits or something.
    You didn't move to take Canada and secure it from the scourge of Harper's F-35s. I am disappointed.
    Hello Iggy. Could you add me, as Aztlan, to the PADA group, please, even if it is moribund?
    Yeah, that came up during one of my avatar searches once upon a time. I liked it, but by that point I was already shipping Korra and Asami like mad, so yeah.
    NESLife. Opinion required/requested.

    A pair of symbiotic organisms were posted, in which a Horod evolution provides leafy ... bowls, essentially, of water. This is inhabited by a Tashe evolution that has a proper jaw to eat their new prey, the Haerent. While thomas.berubeg and myself are fairly comfortable with this, Patchy insists that making the water habitat out of leaves would just result in more of the same, while our own opinion was one that having the Tashe evolution would be prohibitive to the Haerent, preventing them from reaching the leaves. They would be eaten before they got there.

    I know your policy on this kind of thing generally, but this type of dispute goes beyond my basic understanding of biochemistry and ecology. Is this relationship plausible, or would it fail as Patchy suggests?
    I know you don't like to comment on NESLife evolution ideas (will it work or not???) but I really want to ask you :)) so... the Prikipu evolving into a BEAUTIFUL MAGIC FLOATING LANTERN. A little bio-luminescence. Why? At night, en mass, to confuse and attract phytoplankton to the surface of the water, which can then be collected by feeding tentacles. Is this remotely practical?
    In Capto, I gave you 70 EP's.

    Also, do you want to join ChristosIOT? It is simple and you do not need to spend too much time.
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