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  • hi, are you still subscribed to my India story ? I'm taking in people for the King's council there to advise me (the king) on how to play the game. Wanna join in ?
    The only way would be for me to copy a post of theirs and put it in the thread at the beginning. Then they can edit their own post. Can only do that with one of them of course, so let me know which one is the "lead". I can probably make the edits on Monday as I am not at my computer until then.
    Hey, I never posted in the 'Welcome New Members' area, heck I didn't even know there was one.

    But you never know, if they stick around we'll see.
    Coalitions from now on will be votes by percentage of voters within parties, and will be decided either before (through lots of pre-emptive roleplaying) or right before the final results (by vote).
    from a roleplaying(and IRL) perspective, i would not vote for him
    from a gameplay perspective, the ai is often too stubborn and has to be "pacified" in order to get peace quicker

    hence my vote stays with foster
    Hey Doge, do you have any idea when you may answer those questions there on the forum? I would like to give my building plans for you to be able to play the rest of our term
    Actually it's not only cosmetic. He is Financial, which should give +1 commerce in 2+ commerce tiles. And even this not showing, it's counted inside the city, you can check on your venice start, it should be totalizing 11 coins but it'll be totalizing 12, and try to use 2 water tiles instead of one, you'll see miraculously 2 extra coins out of nowhere
    Well, as I was playing your mod to have a better knowledge to play my role in the realpolitik I discovered 2 things out of place:

    1 - Enrico Dandolo seems to be the only leader with traits. I thought they weren't counting, as the water tiles still visibly gave me 2 coins, but doing the calculus it is indeed being considered (the same way as the city hammer and extra food from arsenal are being counted before the glitch disappears, even they not showing);

    2 - Rome has the Colosseum, but unexpectedly it's not giving me the XP bonus. This has something to do with Pantheon? Or is the Wonder already disabled? OTOH it gives me culture (I thought captured wonders didn't give culture, or maybe that's just LoR)
    Didn't baseballpie invite you for the party's group? We are waiting for him to agree with the distributions over there. By now I guess I'll be Governor of Venice, and we made up at least the Capo Del Collegio role (that'll be probably baseballpie's). Other roles are being discussed/proposed
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