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  • In the next update, I plan for NB Forrest to reach out to your military leadership to pull the Southwest into the Confederacy, and ultimately under KKK leadership. What do you think? How would your character react?
    I write a RP and PM to you; will it best done in a map in Gethic or Antarctic land? If so where? How will the RP be done? Who will be your leading scientist etch on the project? I will invent the Gethic scientist Dr Olina Kāne as the weapons... I mean civilian scientist for the Gethic side of the project.
    In KaiserIOT both our powers should consider a joint anti-gravity hovercraft research project. This can have many applications. Considerations?
    Well its a long complex story actually. Thing is when all the king's councillors were scheming on whether to get rid of Prince Udayabhadra or not, two councillors (DKVM and Moai Spammer) supported the existing king, and two supported rebellion ( CaterpillarKing and TheNoob) . The result was a big rebellion in which the rebels (CaterpillarKing and TheNoob) lost and DKVM's character became the next monarch and ruled for around 20 years more.

    That rebellion really shot off my story into popularity ^_^ . Now there were five councillors, so if you had voted on one side or the other, the rebellion may not even have happened in the way it did. Your absence was explained as the death of your character ( which was a dramatic event itself ) and influenced DKVM's character development.
    hi, would you be interested in applying for a ministerial position in my India story ? A lot of fun n exciting stuff happened just as you went out. In fact, and quite ironically if I may add... your absense actually made it happen :p .
    The Gethic Hand would make a good friend to your power. Consider your scientists safer if they are in a defence pact with the Gethic to deter any aggression against either of our power. Vinsin Vancore would like also a research pact for weapon deve... I mean peaceful progress. Of course a non-aggression pact are also in order. Consider the benefits of our relations being of friendly intent. Will you accept the offer of the Director?
    Good luck man! I never went to a actual competitive tournament, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Esper Control is a solid list, and I'm sure if you play well enough you can get somewhere. Same with all Spells as well.
    IOTs, Crusader Kings II (including a Byzantine AAR), lack of motivation and now exams. Yeah, I liked posting there and I have been recently reading my stories once again but the time between my updates drives me too insane to even post.
    Hi.please join my Iranian story.we currently re started and we need more people
    hi, I have put ministerial positions open to applicants for my India game. Four of the five have already been taken but the ministry for domestic affairs is still vacant. Apply in time before to get it.
    Welcome back ! really hit the fan while you were gone both in the America game and the India game :p . Still things are at an interesting turn in both stories.
    Hey MrRandom, when you get back, there's a Pitboss game currently going on with a lot of the S&Ters. If you want to join in, I can talk to Spirictum for you and you probably will be able to hotjoin as one of the AIs. It hasn't gone too far, so you didn't miss much. If you don't want to, then that's fine. ;)
    Especially now that you're leaving until August, 3 and someone else needs to keep on hatin' them Frenchies, aye? :p
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