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  • hi, I hope to finalize the decisions in the ministry by tonight so I'll be eagerly waiting for your proposals. I really want to start off the war with Persia.
    DoW them and send a token force to pillage their Wonder resources, then all subsequent resources but don't commit to an attack.
    This will force Babylon's build order into pumping units and it will allow you to muster the main stack for India.
    Take India, crush the Tamils, and spread to Indochina. Ideally, you settle Hanoi, which is outside the flipzones of Khmer and Siam. Then crush them as well amphibiously and resettle/take Ayutthaya. Trade tech with China and Corea. Keep espionage slider on China. You only worry about the Mughal spawn and possible subcontinental respawns. Keep an eye out for opportunity in China. If they need protection from Mongols, vassalize them. If Mongols are about to win and they won't vassalize, DoW and take as many Chinese cities as possible, don't let the Mongols get any profit.

    Hope for a weak Russia and China that you can cultivate to grow; as they are ideal vassals, and you will all share a common enemy in Mongols. How you play and how the AIs play during Mongol spawn is the most critical juncture of your game. It also would make for great narrative material, with Persia at the head of a Eurasian Security Pact.

    I hope that helped.
    I'm still not completely active. I'm close to graduating and have a number of other things on my plate. The only game I've been playing lately is Destiny as well.

    Most people turn east and conquer India/China. A vassal opportunity is also available with China on Mongol spawn.
    The option to swing west and hit Greece and Rome is open as well, which has more short term benefits in the form of religion and pantheon wonders, but you'll really need to be able to weather the storm afterwards against successive core flips, invasions and etc. I tried it once, and lived through all the spawns but it really took the momentum out of my game and I couldn't finish it. Mainly the same ones I had to face in my Phoenicia story. Arabia, Seljuks, Ottomans. Only you won't have the benefit of islands to turtle on and are forced to fight. Luckily, Persia's production modifier is stronger than Phoenicia's. The India route is still by far the strongest route though.
    If Forrest put you in charge of declaring war against Bavy's Texas, how would your military tactics play out? How would you treat prisoners, and innocents? When you capture Bavy, what would you do?
    I invited you . I am still not sure about Matthias' absence though, so I've placed you in a temporary position as replacement for him. If he returns, he'll be placed back to the position while you will remain in the group in a non-ministerial position.
    So have you abandoned your mod? I thought it was top notch and was interested to see some other "alternate histories"
    I will begin writing a little bit of it tonight. If you think about some interesting dialogue or characteristics for him, private message me it.
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