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  • April 22nd is the current plan. But it's not as if I can't mod with my current laptop, I intend to do so in the future, it's just that everything needs to be set up for that first. There's some unversioned data on my old laptop that I have to migrate later but nothing important.
    "Back" is relative (still no time to be actually productive on the mod, but I'll try to keep in touch with the forum).

    And yeah, he did. They spawned in Kiev and had Shevchenko as their leader.
    I actually already did yesterday and the response was that the OPs should contact him.
    I think Sanguivorant will be okay with it, but my impression so far is that Royal Tenenbaum will not.
    I liked your story in HeroNES. Can I use the government agent in a story, since our characters both go to Princeton? :)
    You can change the mod's name by editing the "RFC Dawn of Civilization" file in the main folder by renaming it to your desired name and changing its Name entry in the same way. Your folder name needs to change as well.

    You can change the scenario description in the Description entry right at the beginning of a WBSave file.

    What do you mean by physical WBS? The mod recognized all WBSaves in the PublicMaps folder.
    Two things:

    iPersia is just a variable that refers to the civs slot number, e.g. 6 for Persia. To be able to call methods, you need an object, in this case the team object, which you can get with gc.getTeam(iPersia).

    Second, A.isVassal(B) only tells you if B is a vassal of A, but doesn't change anything (this is true for all methods starting with is... or get...). You need CyTeam.setVassal(iPlayer, bVassal, bCapitulated), where iPlayer is the new master civ, bVassal the new value (True to make them a vassal) and bCapitulated should be True if it's a capitulated vassal, otherwise False.

    Just kidding. I get that you're busy, and even doing 5 NPCs is taking a lot off my plate. Just remember to put them in the proper stat format given in the ruleset. Thanks!

    I wonder If I could get an invitation to the RFC social group?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sure! Just create it as DoC Faction Wars II (Read First Post) and copy my opening post and edit it a little. Say that you're taking over for a while. And then make a normal round and then a special round.
    What you mean adding more scenarios? Like creating new fresh ones. Doesn't think you can since DoC is, like about one unique map. If just some duplicata of the original scenarios with new options (real OCC for instance), just go to Public Maps in your mod folder and copy/paste an existing scenarion, then make your changes.
    Go ahead and just name an RL city/describe location, and I can call it good enough, if you do the rest.
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