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  • Err... would having access to the bit of our forum on the member's works, which is accessable only to members, be a consideration?

    Anyway do consider. You will enjoy our forum! If you join be sure to introduce yourself in the introduction thread!
    Ok, but I believe there needs to be some form of quality control.
    1. Posting in serial threads that don't go to post count get 10 cents
    2. Posts that are not quoted by other members only worth 25 cents
    3. I'll pay 5 cents extra each time the post is quoted
    4. Posts that provoke the following smileys get an extra 10 cents....smiley, laugh, thumbs up
    5. A well executed "rLf strikes again" gets 75 cents
    6. If you invent a game mechanic along the lines of GDRs that gets into Civ 6, it's worth $500 (and I'll pay in the currently very strong AUD).
    7. Posts that inspire adoration in the form of visitor messages, $10.....friend requests $20
    8. If three respected forum members point out that I am "definitely the best poster since Perfection", well you bill me for $100
    9. If any of this results in me getting laid, $500. Losing a limb? You pay $1000
    Forget Ailedhoo's 25 cents per post. You have to sign up, create a profile etc etc. I'll pay you 50 cents p/p to compose mine here on CFC.
    Hello. You are perfect!

    I am a member of Beyond the Lampshade. It is a forum of debate, humour and other considerations that make up a community. We are in need of new recruits. Consider, lurk if you must and join us! We welcome debates! You will bring perfect humour! Consider!

    Join us! We always welcome new members!
    Hello Perfection!

    Your so perfect that I wish to advise you on joining two IOTs that are of geopolitical note: IOT: Great Journeys and Fight an Don't Die. Consider thhse well, especilly the space based Great Journeys.
    You should KO creationism again. I wanna help but I don't want to mess with your brand.
    I just discovered the giant death robot thread recently. How does it feel to have inspired a major awesome part of CiV?:)
    Ok. Well, I hope it does eventually got restarted. I was reading it, and it's pretty interesting so far.
    Well, I did consider making it 17 but I don't really like the odd number.

    That said, doesn't matter. I was 16 when I made the change.
    Uhh, just now saw these visitors messages... Sorry, they are different from Personal messages, right?

    So what do you want to put in my sig? I guess it's free after all ;-)
    Just did a google for Giant Death Robots and the Civilization wikia doesn't even give you credit!

    "The Giant Death Robot may be a homage to the assault mech in Next War, A mod included in the Civilization IV expansion Beyond the Sword. The Assault mech in question was featured on BTS's box cover."
    Dude, Mobby has 40,000 posts now. You really need to spam more if you want to hold your rightful place as ruler of CFC by postcount.
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