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Attitude Icon Companion Mod v2.0 2016-10-05

Attitude Icon Companion Mod v2.0

  1. Wolfshanze
    FOR BtS v3.17 (as-of 6 Aug 2008)

    Here's a little "companion mod" for anyone who may be interested... it is a stand-alone mod that neither requires the Wolfshanze Mod, nor replaces it (or any other mod). You can use this little mod with the default game, the Wolfshanze Mod or pretty much any other mod.

    v2.0 adds the age-era (ancient, medieval, etc) to the top-left main screen financial menu

    The reason for this as a seperate file is because I actually became aware of these little icons from I believe the BUG mod project that many people use... however the BUG Mod does more then just the icons, so for anyone who JUST wanted the attitude icons and nothing else, I whipped this little thing up... use it if you want to, or ignore it if you don't care or already use another mod that does the same thing... either way, this is a small mod... less then 200kb. It is fully tested and compatible with Civ4 BtS v3.17 (and of course works with the Wolfshanze Mod as well).

    The readme file includes installation instructions... I recommend installing this in your Custom Assets folder.

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    1. attitudes_N1j.jpg
    2. attitudeiconsv20_Cd9.png