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Khaki & White Team Rifleman 2016-10-05

Khaki & White Team Rifleman

  1. Wolfshanze
    These are two simple reskins of the default Rifleman... both are team colored... nothing fancy here... simply "when blue won't do" (default Rifleman tunic color), you have a couple of other options with these Khaki and White tunics. I've used them for Spain and Carthage... your use may vary.

    v2.0: added a new "Desert Rifleman"... the default hat is replaced by a khaki kepi hat with cloth neck sun protector attached, and he's given tall leather boots (he's team colored as well).

    All needed files included... uses default Rifleman animations.

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    1. khakiwhiterifle_Ty6.png
    2. desertrifle_t59.jpg