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Celtic Green Knight v2.0 2016-10-05

Celtic Green Knight v2.0

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a green reskin of the blue Breton Knight from Bernie14 that is commonly found in many mods for the Celts. I believe a "Green Knight" version is fitting for the Celts, because in my narrow mind I can't think of the Celts using anything other then green.

    I originally found the blue Breton Knight in a few mods, but not on the forum, I eventually discovered the credit goes to Bernie14... I believe the base models of the mounted templar and paladin come from rabbit W and sezereth. Just making sure folks know I didn't design this sucker at all... I just changed it from blue to green, but thought others might enjoy it either for the Celts or for some other purpose.

    v2.0 includes a 2nd Green Knight... the Celtic Cross Knight... you now have the choice of the Grail Knight or the Cross Knight.

    Uses default Knight animations.

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    1. greenknight1_m9C.png
    2. greenknight2_Sc2.png
    3. greenknight3_C7T.png
    4. greenknight4_9WR.png
    5. greenknight5_I6q.png