AW's Magyar Tribes Mod [G&K/BNW] v2

AW's Magyar Tribes Mod [G&K/BNW]

  1. AW Arcaeca
    NOTE: This mod requires AW's Lua Utility Library (LUL) v5 or above to be enabled, which can be downloaded here.

    Colors: Green and Red
    Primary Bias: Offense
    Secondary Bias: Culture
    UA: Honfoglalás - +1 Move for all land units until the Renaissance Era. Pillaging another civilization's tiles temporarily increases their Unhappiness and speeds up your cities' acquisition of new tiles.
    UU: Gyula (Great General) - Magyar replacement for the Great General that with more Moves than a Great General (4 vs. 2). All units within range of a Gyula not only receive the usual Great General benefits, but also ignore enemy zone of control and can move after attacking (whether this is already one of their abilities or not).
    UU2: Kalandozó (Horseman) - Magyar replacement for the Horseman which has a ranged attack rather than a melee attack. Has a 75% chance to evade melee attacks, and if it evades a melee attack, a 50% chance to deal damage to the attacking unit.

    Peace Theme
    - Clip from "Go Forth Out of Thy Country" from the soundtrack of Crusader Kings 2:
    War Theme - "The Red Horse" from the soundtrack of Attila: Total War:

    Special Thanks
    3D graphics for Gyula and Kalandozó
    Pazyryk Table Saver/Loader
    DarkScythe TSL Serializer
    TopHatPaladin Template for custom pillaging utility script


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Recent Updates

  1. Update for Hungarian Republic Day