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AW's Samanid Empire [G&K / BNW] (v 3) (v 3) - E&D Fixed

AW's Samanid Empire [G&K / BNW] (v 3)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    The Samanid Empire lead by Ismail ibn Ahmad

    Leader Ismail
    Primary Bias Science
    Secondary Bias Offence
    Start Bias Desert
    Colors Crème and Navy Blue
    UA Rival of Baghdad - 1 culture per turn per technology known. +10% science in cities connected to the capital, or 15%, if the city's majority religion is the same as the capital's.
    UU Ghilman - Replaces the knight. Costs slightly less to produce than a knight. Receives +15% attack bonus near enemy capital cities and receives a +15% combat bonus if adjacent to another Ghilman. Empire receives gold equal to the experience earned by the Ghilman throughout its existence when it dies.
    UB Madrassa - Replaces the university. +33% science and +15% culture in this city. 1 science and culture per desert tile worked by this city instead of 2 science from jungles. +2 faith.

    Ghilman Unit Graphics

    Peace Theme "The Ancients" by Two Steps From Hell
    War Theme "At the Gates of Babylon" by Antti Martikainen