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pineappledan's New Beliefs Mod

pineappledan's New Beliefs Mod 19

For use with Vox Populi

Adds new beliefs, and reworks old beliefs.
Adds enough new beliefs for 11 religions to be in the game, and with many more options for Followers, Enhancers, and Reformation beliefs
Discussion and belief details can be found here
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Latest updates

  1. Word of God

    rebases the old Nuncios belief to a new enhancer belief called 'Word of God' Total number of...
  2. 3.8 compatibility

    removed nunciatures, and repetitive code for revelation and universalism now that those have...
  3. new beliefs partial integration

    removes beliefs that were integrated into the main mod
  4. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  5. founder buffs

    tripled the yields for City of God and Earthly Paradise
  6. minor adjustments

    Changed order from 2 yields on unit production to 1 yield on unit production and 1 yield on...
  7. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  8. Text fix for Orthodoxy

    Orthodoxy combat bonus text description fixed
  9. Jubilee and Teocalli

    Added Jubilee and Teocalli Follower Beliefs
  10. City of God & Earthly Paradise

    2 new founders added: City of God and Earthly Paradise
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