Fantasy Army - Arcane Allies Expansion 2018-06-20

Add allies to your fight for dominance!

  1. sman1975
    The Fantasy Army – Arcane Allies (FA-AA) mod adds 56 units to the game. These units represent troops from 8 different "allies" you can use to assist in meeting your geopolitical goals. Each of these allies field 7 unique units, many with new, customized attack animations.

    Each of these allies has a corresponding National Wonder that serves as an "embassy" of sorts. When you build a specific wonder, you become an ally of that faction. They will periodically send you units throughout the game. Generally speaking, there is a 10% chance each turn that your ally will send a unit comparable to the Era you are in, or the previous Era. There is a limit of 6 allied units, so once you have this number of units, your ally will not send additional units. You can, however, upgrade your allied units once you have acquired the prerequisite Technology.

    You may only build one Arcane Allies National Wonders at a time. However, if your AA National Wonder is in a city that is captured by another civilization, you may build a new National Wonder – and it does not have to be the same ally as before.

    There are 8 possible allies in the mod:

    1. Assassins: Stealthy warriors who generate Faith from kills.
    2. Dark Elves: Fast, capable warriors, who specialize in helping your Science endeavors.
    3. Goblins: Good fighters, who generate significant amounts of Gold from kills.
    4. Hill Dwarves: Solid, defensive specialists, who specialize in improving your Production.
    5. Mountain Dwarves: Siege specialists, whose cannons are the best in the world.
    6. Orcs: Offensive specialists, who specialize in improving your military production.
    7. Quendi Elves: Quick fighters, who specialize in improving your Culture.
    8. Templars: Stealth warriors, who specialize in improving your economy.
    Each of these allies provides 7 different units, one for each Era between Classical and Information.

    All of these units receive the "Arcane Specialty Promotion" when built. It is a "mystery" promotion, meaning the specific bonus will be awarded after the unit finishes its first combat. Most of the bonuses are positive for the unit, but not all.

    For more information, consult the mod manual, "Fantasy Army - Arcane Allies Manual - V1.pdf" -- located in the mod's folder.

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    NOTE: This mod is intended to compliment the normal Fantasy Army mod (

    However, it can be played independently of that mod, if desired.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This mod was designed to show off some fantastic artwork provided by an extensive community of dedicated Civ V modelers. Many thanks to those of you who did the hard work for me: Bloublou, Danrell, Deliverator, Patum333, Zwei833, Wolfdog, Hangman, Nutty, JTitan, Nomad or What, Uruk, Civitar, Ispanets, Murphy613, S3rgeus, Pouakai, Sukritact, janboruta, Leugi, Reedstilt, JFD, and Renlav. Special thanks to Vondraco for all of the above and beyond assistance in playtest/suggestions/corrections. If I've left anyone out, please let me know and I'll add them to the list. Thanks again to all these gifted artists!