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Improved Forts and Engineers 2

Enhances the utility of defensive improvements and Military Engineers.

  1. thecrazyscot
    Available on the Steam Workshop

    This mod enhances the utility of defensive improvements (Fort, Great Wall, Roman Fort, and Alcazar) and Military Engineers.

    Defensive Improvements
    Defensive improvements now grant the following to units in them:
    • +5 to healing rate
    • +1 sight range
    • Ability to see hidden units (like Privateers or upgraded Scouts/Rangers)
    • +4 defensive strength (same as vanilla)
    • 2 free turns of fortification (same as vanilla)
    The increased sight range should increase their usefulness for guarding large frontier regions and the increased healing makes them useful as front-line defensive fortifications.

    Military Engineer
    The Military Engineer now has 4 base charges and a reduced cost.

    The Alhambra now provides +6 strength (up from +4) and 2 free turns of fortification to occupying units. Additionally, it grants Military Engineers 2 extra charges

    Manual Installation
    Unzip the mod folder to Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods.

    Summer Update 2017
    This is compatible with both Vanilla and the Vikings Scenario Pack DLC, as it uses triggers to update the Alcazar improvement.

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