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TCS - Corruption 1

Adds a Corruption mechanic to the game

  1. thecrazyscot
    Corruption is back!

    The main idea of this mod is that the larger and more far-flung an empire gets, the greater the problem corruption poses to its cash-flow.

    The following are taken into account when calculating a city's Corruption:
    • Distance to the Capital
    • Whether a Governor is present
    • Whether a Government Plaza is present
    • Whether the player is in a Dark or Golden Age
    • What Government the player currently follows
    Corruption manifests as a negative modifier to a city's Gold yields. With the right combination of factors, the maximum Corruption malus to Gold yields is 100%. Because modifiers are additive, other Gold % modifiers will increase or decrease the total % gold reduction.

    This mod has not had extensive balance testing, so I would very much appreciate anyone willing to do some testing of its effects.

    This requires Gathering Storm and the Maya/Gran Columbia DLC pack.