German Tricolor Knight v2.0 2016-10-05

German Tricolor Knight v2.0

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a reskin of bernie14's Teutonic Knight.

    I've never been overly-fond of most of the German Medieval units being patterned off of white-clad Teutonic Knights with a simple black cross on their tunics... historical as it may be, I always found it rather dull and unimaginative. Bernie14 has occasionally made red/white/black (German tricolor) based German units, and I've always been a big fan of his work on those units... I've actually been working on completing a German set of Medieval units based on this German tricolor pattern, and here's my newest effort... the German Knight... fitting too, that it's actually based on one of Bernie's own Teutonic Knights! Hope you enjoy!

    v2.0 includes a new model, the Prussian Tricolor Knight (different eagle).

    All needed files included... uses default Knight animations.

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    1. germknight1_cK2.png
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