Renamed option "No starting settlers" to "No starting units" and removed bonus starting scouts from it.
Added "Logical Religion Frequency" option which makes it so only AI with bonuses for religion or AI aiming for a culture/religious victory will build holy sites (enabled by default, works only when also using Real Strategy).

The AI now gets some important military technologies for free when it is two eras ahead of the technology (meant primarily as a buff for culture civs who often just get overrun when attacked because they are missing key techs).
Disabled Antananarivo bonus for AI (too strong for AI).

Fixed compatibility issues with BBG when missing some DLC.
Reduced loyalty penalty for grievances on occupied cities (several people complained about occupied cities being too hard to keep with my mod).

BBG: Adjusted AI tourism modifiers for BBG 5.4.

Real Strategy: Civs with unique districs build them earlier and more often.
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I didn't like how crazy the gold income of the AI got later into the game; rework of the bonuses:
Removed scaling gold per difficulty and civics (It got really high, so this is a big change).
Increased unit maintenance discount by 1 on all difficulties.
Added unit upgrade discount: 10% less gold per difficulty.

Rework of production modifiers to improve the production in weaker citites of the AI without buffing the production of its big cities:
Removed percentage production bonus per civic and difficulty for ancient era civics only.
Added 1 flat production to all cities per era after ancient era and per second difficulty.

Moved diplomatic visibility requirements to Nationalism and Cold War (was Scorched Earth and Rapid Deployment).

Increased AI tourism bonus on Deity and above.

Increased AI project production penalty on faster game speeds (to account for the bug that causes all overflow production to dodge production penalties).

Reduced pseudoyield of diplomatic favor and luxury resources so the AI pays less for it (not sure if it works for luxuries).
Increased desire to build campuses when the AI is going for science victory (Real Strategy).

Insane only:
Changed the bonus modifiers to: +2 Production in all cities from the start of the game and +3 Food in all cities in classical era.
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Reduced anti-barbarian combat strength bonus to 3 per difficulty (was 5).
Added an option to remove the anti-barbarian combat strength bonus.
Removed option to remove Deity tourism because it's not necessary anymore after the tourism nerfs.

The first 3 civics give faith/production/gold bonus again (like all other civics).
Moved all bonus amenities back one era (first ones at renaissance player era now).

Made the AI less likely to go for city states and capitals with Real Strategy (recent update made the AI go for them more somehow).
Added city state production penalty back.

BBG only:
Reduced tourism on all difficulties when using the earlier culture victory condition (it's already reduced by my mod; I just adjusted the values).

Insane only:
Removed the additional tech/civic boosts per era (It made AI cultural defense really weird because inspirations give a lot of culture defense).
Added +2 food in all cities at classical game era.
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Reduced tourism on all difficulties (Again. Sorry for the high values from before, I think I made a mistake while testing initially).
Increased space race production bonus from 10% to 15% per difficulty.
AI builds more commercial hubs when using Real Strategy.
Reduced AI encampment spam when using Real Strategy.
AI builds less Holy Sites when using BBG.

City state walls and production penalty removed (again).
Food bonus reworked.

Drastically reduced tourism bonuses when using Monopolies&Corporations mode to adjust for possible monopolies.

Added an experimental compatibility mode for some people who have trouble starting multiplayer games with missing DLC.
Reduced AI tourism on all difficulties (when not using BBG).
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Added city states starting walls back for now until I find a better solution
Added option to remove the difficulty combat bonus
Removed free ranged units on cities founded again (initially I added them to make the AI protect their settlers/new cities better but they get too many free units early game)
Reduced the amount of starting scouts on the high difficulties
Changed the way the production, gold and faith modifier gets applied to make the military of science and culture civs more equal:
Removed 5% production, gold and faith bonus per difficulty and era
Added 1% production, gold and faith bonus per difficulty and civic

Updated for new version of Real Strategy
Small strategy changes for military civs
Attempt at making the AI less crazy for holy sites with BBG
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Small tourism nerf and some small improvements
Added an option remove the additional tourism modifier that the AI gets on Deity and above
Added option back for bonus starting warriors
Added additional science/culture until medieval era when using the option that removes bonus starting settlers
Added back the free ranged unit on founding/conquering a city at Pro and Insane

Changes to strategy evaluations when using Real Strategy to reduce variance in AI perfomance (AI (especially domination civs) should fall less behind other AI; a bit more equal overall AI perfomance) and other smaller changes
Small tourism adjustments

"Fixed" bugged difficulty combat bonus of city states that emerge from barbarian outposts with barbarian clans mode (they still always get the highest bonus possible of +6 regardless of difficulty, but at least its not 4 million anymore)
Fixed a mistake from last update that gave all difficulties the extra boosts from Insane (oops...)
Updated for the latest Real Strategy version

Changed when the AI gets bonus amenities (no longer scales with game era, but with player era instead and not at every era)

Removed bonus science modifier on Insane, added bonus eurekas/inspirations on Insane (should overall be harder)

Removed difficulty combat bonus from city states when using barbarian clans mode because it caused bugs
Minor changes to city state military
Fixed tourism being too low without BBG.
Added bonus starting settlers back in after complaints about AI being too weak early. (I agree though)
Option to turn them off added back.
Simplified combat strenght modifiers: No more era or game speed specific combat bonus, only default combat modifier
Added military unit production modifier for different game speeds instead (-20% online speed, +40% marathon speed)
Removed city state bonus starting units (levying felt too strong early and they still survive well enough with the buffs)

Cleaned up the mod code to make it hopefully easier to modify/understand for others.
Lots of changes in this update:

1. No more options to choose different variants of starting units for the AI. The AI now only gets some scouts on the higher difficulties, no more settlers. I never liked the AI getting bonus settlers and I'm finally getting rid of it. Added growth modifier until Medieval Era as compensation.

2. Insane difficulty nerfed by a lot. Some players can consistently beat Pro, and the gap to Insane was just too big. Insane is still way too hard for most people, so I don't think this will bother many.

3. Free eurekas/inspirations per era, less science/culture. This will make the AI yields look more realistic without lowering the difficulty.

4. Another tourism rework. Not much to say about this one; I changed the formula because culture victory wasn't threatening enough on the higher difficulties. AI rockbands buffed.

5. Difficulty combat strength bonus now halfed until medieval era, after that default. After that, the AI will get diplomatic visibility at Scorched Earth (min. Deity difficulty) and Rapid Deployment (min. Emperor difficulty) to simulate it using spies with listening posts.

6. Further adjustments to Real Strategy to make it work better with the mod, support the new leaders and change preferred strategies of existing leaders to play a bit more into their strengths.

Smaller changes:

-discount on religious units removed for now, will add defensive religious strength later
-free strategic resources now mostly after the AI researched the tech for it instead of reaching a reasonable era
-nerfed AI district projects because getting great people felt too hard
-combat bonus changes for game speeds nerfed, now -2 online and +4 on marathon (+/-1 on epic and quick)
-+2 movement on AI builders because they move them back and forth all the time
Added amenites at Renaissance.
Added bonus difficulty combat strength at Industrial Era.
Several changes to make the AI weaker early game:

Removed flat bonus science/culture (was 3% per difficulty).
Increased science/culture per era by 1% per era per difficulty
Moved scaling bonus amenities from Classical back to Medieval.
Removed unit upgrade cost reduction.
Bonus builder charges now only available after the AI reaches Medieval era.
Removed free ranged unit upon founding/conquering a city (still there when choosing no starting settlers option).

Removed flat bonus amenities from Pro difficulty.
Removed walls from city states starting buildings when starting with no bonus warriors
Small changes to how the AI determines what strategy to go for with Real Strategy (drastically lower probability for AI to go for diplo victory, less domination/religion, more science/culture)
Reduced discount on religious units to 6% per difficulty (was 8%).

Pro only:
Added additional tourism modifier at Modern game era

Insane only:
Removed bonus amenites
Mostly removed science/culture modifiers, added free eurekas/inspirations per era instead

Added an option to turn the human player tourism bonus off.
Reduced difficulty combat bonus by 1.
Several small fixes/changes to Insane difficulty.
Difficulty combat bonus not applying correctly.

Insane difficulty rework:
I'm not happy with the highest difficulty being quite as hard anymore, mainly because the jump from Pro to Insane was too big and it caused false expectations of the mod. So this change overall is a considerable nerf to Insane.

Reduced Insane-specific culture bonus per era to 5% (was 10-66%).
Reduced Insane-specific science bonus per era to 5-45% (was 10-66%).
Reduced Insane-specific tourism bonus per era to 8-48% (was 28-168%).
Reduced Insane-specific bonus lightyears per turn at future era to 1 (was 2).

Added Insane-specific science bonus of 60% when the game era reaches Industrial.
Added Insane-specific tourism bonus of 150% when the game era reaches Industrial.
Difficulty combat bonus now also applies to city states.

Added combatibility with faster culture victory conditions from BBG (reduced AI and player tourism when using fast culture victory conditions).
Added combat strength modifiers for different game speeds (higher AI combat strength on slower speeds, lower on faster speeds).
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