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Late Game Unit Pack V1

Adds 32 units to the Modern, Atomic, and Info Eras

  1. sman1975
    Late-Game Unit Pack (LGUP) adds 32 units to the Modern, Atomic, and Information Eras to add more variety and color to the latter game experience. In a normal game, the Info Era tends to fly by rather quickly – with just a handful of units available. This really robs players of a chance to experience what should be the most interesting warfare of the game. Hopefully, this mod pack will help with that.

    As this mod significantly increases the number and capabilities of available units in the latter game, it is perhaps best played with these settings: Industrial/Modern Era start, Domination only, and Marathon length.

    The following is a list of the units added (required tech shown in parentheses):

    Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1357195942

    Discussion Thread: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/smans-unit-laboratory.630993/

    Air Units:
    1. Close Air Support Fighter (Computers): Heavy damage to land units.
    2. Predator Drone (Telecoms): Light damage drone.
    3. Reaper Drone (Lasers): Moderate damage drone.
    4. Nightstalker Drone (Nuclear Fusion): High damage drone.
    5. Recon Plane (Plastics): Based on Mosquito multi-purpose aircraft. **
    6. Recon Jet (Lasers): Based on SR-71. **
    7. Strategic Bomber (Rocketry): Based on B-52.
    8. Plasma Fighter (Nuclear Fusion): High damage fighter.
    9. Suborbital Bomber (Nuclear Fusion): Very long range bomber.
    10. Wild Weasel Jet Fighter (Lasers): Anti-SAM specialist. Limit 8.
    11. Stealth Fighter (Stealth): Based on F-117.
    12. 5th Generation Fighter (Stealth): Based on F-35.

    ** These planes use the "Improved Recon" function originally published in the mod of the same name (see link #4 below)

    Land Units:
    1. Laser SAM (Lasers): Improved anti-air unit.
    2. Railgun SAM (Nuclear Fusion): Significantly improved anti-air unit.
    3. Apocalypse Class Robot (Nuclear Fusion): Upgraded GDR/replacement. Carries 2 missiles.
    4. Laser Artillery (Laser): Improved artillery unit.
    5. Railgun Artillery (Nuclear Fusion): Significantly improved artillery unit.
    6. Private Mil Contractors (Mobile Tactics): Last-game mercenaries. Purchase only, available immediately.
    7. Railgun Armor (Nuclear Fusion): Improved Modern Armor unit.

    Missile Units:
    1. ICBM (Globalization): Expensive nuke, range 40 tiles.
    2. MOAB (Rocketry): Mother of All Bombs – very heavy damage. Range 10. Limit 6.
    3. Nuclear Cruise Missile (Advanced Ballistics): Small nuke – no fallout. Can even be built in secret if Non-Proliferation is in effect.
    4. Plasma Missile (Particle Physics): Significantly more damaging guided missile.

    Naval Units:
    1. Arsenal Ship (Advanced Ballistics): Lightly armed missile carrier. Carries up to 15 missiles.
    2. Ballistic Missile Sub (Robotics): Improved Nuclear Sub. Carries up to 8 missiles.
    3. Missile Destroyer (Advanced Ballistics): Improved Destroyed. Carries 1 missile.
    4. Railgun Destroyer (Nuclear Fusion): Improved Missile Destroyer. Carries up to 2 missiles.
    5. Railgun Cruiser (Nuclear Fusion): Improved Missile Cruiser. Carries up to 4 missiles.
    6. Submarine Hunter (Combustion): Weak Destroyer with enhanced anti-sub promotion.
    7. Escort Carrier (Flight): Early Carrier. Carries 1 aircraft, more with promotions.
    8. Fleet Carrier (Nuclear Fission): Improved Carrier. Carries 3 aircraft, more with promotions. Improved air defense.
    9. Supercarrier (Mobile Tactics): Improved Fleet Carrier. Carries 6 aircraft, more with promotions. Improved air defense.

    Other Changes: The mod makes a few changes to normal game units: most units now require 1 Oil and the upgrade paths of many late-game units has been changed. The Battleship and Submarine can now carry 1 Missile upon the discovery of Advanced Ballistics. All SAM units are "defensive only" – meaning they cannot be used as attacking melee units.

    Units that now require oil: Destroyer, Carrier, Submarine, Mobile SAM, Mech Inf, Missile Cruiser,

    Unit that now requires uranium: Nuclear Submarine

    Units that no longer need Aluminum, but now require Oil: Helicopter Gunship, Modern Armor, Rocket Artillery

    New Upgrade Paths:
    Destroyer -> Missile Destroyer -> Railgun Destroyer
    Battleship -> Missile Cruiser -> Railgun Cruiser
    Escort Carrier -> Carrier -> Fleet Carrier -> Supercarrier
    Submarine -> Nuclear Submarine -> Ballistic Missile Submarine
    Bomber -> Strategic Bomber -> Stealth Bomber -> Suborbital Bomber
    Fighter -> Jet Fighter -> 5th Gen Fighter -> Plasma Fighter
    CAS Fighter -> Stealth Fighter -> Plasma Fighter
    Wild Weasel -> Stealth Fighter -> Plasma Fighter
    Recon Plane -> Recon Jet
    Predator Drone -> Reaper Drone -> Nightstalker Drone Swarm
    Guided Missile -> Plasma Missile
    AA Gun -> Mobile SAM -> Laser SAM -> Railgun SAM
    Artillery -> Rocket Artillery -> Laser Artillery -> Railgun Artillery
    Tank -> Modern Armor -> Railgun Armor -> Apocalypse Robot

    This unit borrows units from several mods, as well as introducing new units. If you're playing any of these mods, there will be a duplication in capabilities, but the units should work. Still, you probably shouldn't play this mod with any of these mods also loaded:

    1. "Info Era Ship Fix" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=329703068
    2. "SMAN's Omnibus Mod" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=974882481
    3. "Future Worlds" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=596919865
    4. "Improved Air Recon" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=288579237

    Acknowledgements: This mod uses models, icons, code, and concepts provided by these great modders: Bloublou, Cecil Lizard, Civitar, danrell, Deliverator, FramedArchitecture, Hangman, Josh LaBrie, JTitan, Labby, nomadorwhat, Patum333, Pouakai, Snafusmith, swatmp5, thecrazyscotsman, Tofusojo, Uruk, Whoward69, Wolfdog, and Zwei833.