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LT vz 38 (3-nation pack) 2016-10-05

LT vz 38 (3-nation pack)

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a Czech/Hungarian/Austrian CKD LT vz 38 tank reskin based on Sharick's Pz-38t model... all three nations reskinned by Wolfshanze.

    The LT(Light Tank) vz.(model) 38 was destined to become one of the most widely used Czechoslovak tanks, although not in Czechoslovak hands. Ordered into production in 1938, the LT-38 drew on the experience from earlier LT-35 and became the most successful product of the Czechoslovak industry. LT-38 in different variants was exported to many countries and gained an excellent reputation among its foreign users such as Sweden (Stridsvagn M/41), Iran/Persia (TNH). Confiscated by the German take-over of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939, the Germans became the primary users (PzKpfw 38t). The Germans continued to export the tank with their allies and the model saw service with such nations as: Romania (50), Slovakia (90), Bulgaria (10) and Hungary (102).

    Included in this 3-pack of tanks are the original Czech design (default), Hungarian, and one "what-if" the Austrian version (Austria was a part of Germany during WWII, but if Austria remained independent, they would probably have had these tanks in their army).

    To change to any skin included in this pack, simply rename the national skin dds file to "texture10.dds".

    Animations and Buttons (for all three nations) are included in the download.

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    1. c4_czechltvz38_HCA.png
    2. czech_ltvz38_kd8.jpg
    3. c4_hungltvz38_2a5.png
    4. hungarian_ltvz38_zo7.jpg
    5. c4_austltvz38_Ukh.png
    6. austrian_ltvz38_75m.jpg