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Modern Buildings - Rise and Fall

Modern Buildings - Rise and Fall V. 7.00

Modern Buildings
This is a fourth tier of buildings for each district.

  • Megachurch: +1 Citizen Slot, +4 Faith. Can only be purchased with Faith. Available at Mass Media. Prerequisite= Religious buildings (Cathedral, Mosque, etc.)
  • Recycling Center: +1 Citizen Slot, +4 Production, +1 Great Engineer Point. Available at Synthetic Materials. Prereq= Power Plant
  • Observatory: +1 Citizen Slot, +6 Science, +1 Great Scientist Point. Available at Rocketry. Prereq= Research Lab
  • Hotel: +25% Tourism pressure from this city towards other civilizations starting from the Atomic era. +1 Citizen Slot, +1 Amenity, +5 Culture. Available at Cultural Heritage. Prereq= Broadcast Center
  • Amusement Park: +4 Tourism, +3 Amenities, 10 tile range. Available at Robotics. Prereq= Stadium
  • Marina: +3 Amenities, 12 tile range. Available at Satellites. Prereq= Aquatics Center
  • Distribution Center: +1 Citizen Slot, +10 Gold, +1 Trade Route, +1 Great Merchant Point. Available at Combustion. Prereq= Stock Exchange
  • Container Terminal: +25% combat Naval XP, +1 Citizen Slot, +5 Gold, +5 Food, +1 Trade Route, +1 Great Admiral Point. Available at Globalization. Prereq= Seaport
  • Command Center: +25% combat Land XP, +1 Citizen Slot, +4 Production, +1 Great General Point. Available at Cold War. Prereq= Military Academy
  • Ground Control Station: +25% combat Air XP, +2 Air Slots, +4 Production, +1 Citizen. Available at Guidance Systems. Prereq= Airport
  • Bunker: +50 Defense Hit Points. Available at Combined Arms. Prereq= Renaissance Walls.
  • Courthouse: +2 Loyalty per turn. Available at Enlightenment. Prereq= none
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Surprised this hasn't had any reviews. I really loved this, I spent a lot of time trying to jazz up modern.atomic age, as at that point you're just going through the motions. This really helps expand and speed up victory conditions
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