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Defense Contractors

Defense Contractors V. 1.02

Defense Contractors

Various Buildings produce Strategic Resources.

These buildings can only be purchased.

They are all constructed in the Industrial Zone.

They are intentionally unlocked in the eras following the reveal of the Strategic Resources so that improved resources still have strategic value. The buildings are meant to be a last resort.


  • Smithy: +1 Production. Produces +1 Iron. Requires a Barracks and Apprenticeship.
  • Tannery: +1 Production. Produces +1 Horses. Requires a Stable and Apprenticeship.
  • Nitrary: +2 Production. Produces +1 Niter. Requires an Armory and Military Science.
  • Breaker: +2 Production. Produces +1 Coal. Requires a Shipyard and Replaceable Parts.
  • Refinery: +3 Production. Produces +1 Oil. Requires a Military Academy and Plastics.
  • Foundry: +3 Production. Produces +1 Aluminum. Requires an Airport and Stealth Tech.
  • Enrichment Plant: +4 Production. Produces +1 Uranium. Requires a Research Lab and Nuclear Fusion.
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