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Modern German General v5.0 2016-10-05

Modern German General v5.0

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a Modern German General (Warlord) for Civ4 (Updated to v4.0 on 13-May-08).

    Based on the default Modern General, Mamba changed the colors from green to German grey, Wolfshanze did what he could with the detail work, reworking the tunic with a new cut, collar tabs, Iron Cross, shoulder boards & breast eagle... the pants received red piping & a new buckle, while the cap got a new cocarde and cap eagle.

    New to v2.0 are some texture improvements and the riding crop has been replaced with a Marshall's Baton (assistance by Walter Hawkwood).

    New to v3.0, caucasian skin tones, and extra "Generic European" General skin.

    New to v4.0, completely reworked Marshall's Baton (new NIF files... thanks to the Coyote).

    New to v5.0, Luger P08 parabellum pistol replaces the default revolver (thanks again to Coyote).

    All needed files, including animation are included in the download.

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    1. germanlugergen2_53o.png
    2. germanlugergen_A0a.png
    3. caucasiangenerals_Muc.png