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Modern Italian General Pack v2.0 2016-10-05

v2.0 updated 1 Jul 08 includes new Beretta m1935 pistol.

This is a Modern Italian/Roman General (Warlord) 3-pack for Civ4.

Based on Asio's Modern Finnish General (itself based on Chugg's Polish soldier), I have changed the colors to match three different Italian uniform styles (Field Blue, Field Green & Tropical). I did what I could with the detail work, reworking the tunic with a new cut, collar tabs, sleeve rank, white Russian campaign cross, shoulder boards & Bustina cap... the pants received black & red piping, while the bustina cap got a new Royal Italian cocarde and rank insignia. The rank of the generals in this pack is representative of "Marshal of Italy"... the highest normal rank in the Kingdom of Italy during WWII.

Seeing as there are three different options in this pack, choose one for Rome, or use all three for the Romans, Byzantines and Carthaginians! Your optional uniforms are Field Blue, Field Green & Tropical... all insignia and medals are authentic (exhausting research!)... Enjoy!

Uses Default Modern General Animations.

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