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More Civilizations' Macedon for VP

Adds Macedon led by Alexander. For use with Vox Populi

  1. pineappledan
    Adds Macedon, led by Alexander, to Civ 5. Requires Vox Populi.

    Download here
    See the forum post for more details

    • Pouakai: Base Code.
    • Janboruta: Art (All icons).
    • JFD: Lua.
    • Tomatekh: Lua (E&D).
    • Wolfdog: Unit Model.
    • einayim: Text (Civilopedias).
    • DarthKyofu: Text (Civilopedias), TSL Values.
    • GPuzzle: Lua.
    • CharlatanAlley: Dawn of Man voiceover
    • Vangelis: Alexander War Peace & Theme ("Titans" & "the Drums of Gaugamela")
    • Sukritact: Delian League (Greece) Map
    • DJS Henninger, Walter Hawkwood, and Anno 1404: Katoikia model and icon
    • Danrell: Stratego Unit Model
    • Pineappledan: VP compatibility