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Periphery (Now compatible with CIVITAS CSE) 1.3

City-states to countries!

  1. Portugal Update

    • Lisbon is now redundant and has been replaced by Mogadishu, which the mod now renames to Somalia.
  2. Now compatible with Civitas: City-states Expanded!

    • Added compatibility with Civitas: City-states Expanded.
      • Added setting to activate this compatibility into UserSettings.sql.
      • Added new naming options for many vanilla and DLC city-states to avoid conflicts with CSE, which are activated if CSE compatibility is turned on.
    • Added compatibility with the new city-state picker- no longer will DLC city-states be labelled as their original names.
    • A few minor tweaks
      • Changed loadorder for greater scope of...
  3. Babylon Update

    - Changed Caguana settings so setting it to prefer Puerto Rico now affects both Native and English version, while the default is to always prefer Taíno, whether is Native or English
    - Babylon is not redundant, added compatibility for the new Anshan city state that replaces it
    - Added compatibility for the six new city-states added (Ayutthaya, Chinguetti, Johannesburg, Nalanda, Samarkand, and Wolin)
    - Chinguetti has the option for its native names to either be in Amazigh or Arabic