Polish Fighter Pack 2016-10-05

Polish Fighter Pack

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a Polish Fighter Pack for Civ4.

    Included are two new skins for the previously released Pzl-P11c WWII fighter and an all-new Polish early fighter, based on Snafu's excellent German Albatros.

    The new Pzl-P11c skins are no major departure from the original... simply new national markings on the top of the wings and on the tail, as well as an optional 'V'-shaped stripe on the top wing.

    The pride of this pack is a new texture for Snafu's German Albatros... reworked from the ground-up... based on the Albatros D.III, Kosciuzko Squadron, from the Polish-Soviet war of 1919-20. I believe this to be the first "early fighter" released specifically for Poland.

    All needed files and custom buttons included... both use Fighter animations.

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    1. polalbrender1_23W.png
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