Sitting Bull of the Sioux Nations

Sitting Bull of the Sioux Nations 1.0

This mod adds the Sioux Civilization lead by Chief Sitting Bull.


UB: Tipi. The Tipi replaces the Granary. It yields extra Housing, Food, and Culture.

UU: Strong Heart. Classical era unique Light Cavalry unit that replaces the Horseman.

UA: Saint at Heart. Yield from faith districts is doubled, and they also yield half of their usual Faith in Gold. All units will heal twice as fast per turn.

CA: The Great Hunt. If there isn't one already available, a free copy of horses is given to the Sioux. All land units are granted +1 Movement.

Leader Agenda: Teton Sioux. Likes civilizations with high Faith output. Hates civilizations that attack players on his home continent.

Compatibility: YnAEMP (Ex. Largest Earth) and all mods made by me.
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  1. Toussaint's Sioux 1.0

    Texture enhancements, made the art look better.
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