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Sitting Bull of the Sioux Nations 1.0

Adds the Sioux tribes to the game, lead by Sitting Bull.

  1. Toussaint10326
    This mod adds the Sioux Civilization lead by Chief Sitting Bull.


    UB: Tipi. The Tipi replaces the Granary. It yields extra Housing, Food, and Culture.

    UU: Strong Heart. Classical era unique Light Cavalry unit that replaces the Horseman.

    UA: Saint at Heart. Yield from faith districts is doubled, and they also yield half of their usual Faith in Gold. All units will heal twice as fast per turn.

    CA: The Great Hunt. If there isn't one already available, a free copy of horses is given to the Sioux. All land units are granted +1 Movement.

    Leader Agenda: Teton Sioux. Likes civilizations with high Faith output. Hates civilizations that attack players on his home continent.

    Compatibility: YnAEMP (Ex. Largest Earth) and all mods made by me.

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