Shaka of the Zulu

Shaka of the Zulu 1.0

This mod adds the Zulu lead by Shaka, the menacing warlord who conquered all of South Africa, and struck fear into all those that heard his name.


UU: Impi. Unique Medieval Era Anti-Cavalry unit that replaces the Pikeman. Due to Shaka's love of these soldiers, they are very cheap to produce, and they cost less to maintain.

UB: Ikanda. Unique Building that replaces the Barracks. It yields +3 Food more than the usual Barracks, as well as extra Housing.

UA: Prodigy of Dingiswayo: Yield from pillaged enemy districts is doubled. +30% Production when producing Anti-Cavalry units.

CA: Iklwa: All units cost 50% less Gold to maintain, and they will earn Experience for Promotions 25% quicker. Zulu units will not lose as much Combat Strength when wounded, and when they vanquish an enemy unit they will gain half of that unit's Strength back in Health.

Leader Agenda: Ukuhlobonga, Likes Civilizations that declare wars on City-States, even more so if they conquer them. Dislikes Civilizations that remain at peace for long periods of time.

Credits: Firaxis. Notorious: General Code and ideas.

Compatibility: YnAEMP (GreatestEarth and GiantEarth only.) and all mods made by me. It currently uses the music from the Kongolese civilization.
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Plays quite well, the units look great and it is wonderful having the mighty Shaka back in the game.
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