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Swedish Saab B17 bomber 2016-10-05

Swedish Saab B17 bomber

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a rather simple attempt to give the Viking civ a single-engine light bomber (especially for use in carrier ops when needed). Essentially, I have taken Dutch King's excellent Japanese Kate bomber model and given it Swedish markings, as the Kate and the Saab B17 shared very similar construction and shape. Nothing fancy here.

    The Saab B17 was a two seat light bomber... Sweden's history of neutrality has resulted in the extraordinary development of an independent aviation industry with capabilities seemingly far in excess of that which would normally be expected to emerge from a nation with such a relatively small population. The Saab-17 was the first original design to see production from Svenska Aeroplan AB (Saab). It had a top speed of 270mph and could carry a bombload of 1500lbs. Entering service in 1941 many were fitted with retractable skis for operation from snow covered fields.

    Custom button included... uses the "Fighter" animations.

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    1. saabb17_eQ5.png
    2. saabb172_TwP.png
    3. saab17_hq4.jpg