Uprising Empire 1.0.0

adds Revolt to the game.

  1. Many change (even the name)

    The mod doesn't need any dlc,
    changed many things and I don't remember them all, I think it's easier to read the mod description at this point
  2. Separatism update

    Separatism now is gained when you conquer the city not when you make peace and can't be reduced untill you make peace with the old owner and if you kill all partisan of a separatist revolt the separatism in the city is reduced by 1/5

    may not be compatible if you started your game with old version

    fixed many bugs as always...
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  3. Balance

    reduced WEP gained after combat

    you need need at least -200 loyalty to be able to reduce separatism and if the city have your culture it's 4x faster

    changed lotyalty bar colors :
    if the city is besieged by a revolt : red
    if the city win or lost siege but can't revolt : yelllow
    if the city have positive loyalty : fill green (200 or more loyalty per turn) to yellow (50 loyalty per turn), back blue
    if the city have a negative loyalty : fill yellow (50 loyalty per turn) to...
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  4. colored bar

    Rainbow bar (fix last game update)
  5. More separatism

    if a revolt win a siege, the city become separatist

    separatism now reduce depending on loyalty per turn, if you have less than -100 loyalty per turn separatism won't reduce

    max loyalty is now 5000, so there is more time before revolt

    fixed some bugs and fixed notification crash (again)
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  6. Fixed Bug

    Fixed game crash when creating a notification, if you create or dismiss a notification using the event "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStarted", the game could crash, you should use "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStartComplete" instead, the crash happen when my pannel try to dismiss notification stack with the bad event, sorry for every crash caused.

    added New government compatibility
    GOVERNMENT DIGITAL DEMOCRACY average loyalty per turn : 13.655
    GOVERNMENT CORPORATE LIBERTARIANISM average loyalty per turn...
  7. Notification Bug Fix

    fix Notification stack
  8. Bug Fix

    Sry but found another bug due to GS I may find some other in future days, should be compatible with started game from last versions
  9. GS + some bug fix

    now compatible with GS
  10. fix bug and balance (without notification)

    same version but without notification, the game should not crash.