add pop change notif when you click it go to your citizen manage screen
add religion change and religion founded notif when click on it go to the city and open religion lens
now when click on revolt notif open loyalty lens
better religion stability tooltip
Notification when your city is about to revolt display chance of revolt
Notification when your city is losing yield cause of recent revolt
Now not compatible with Notificationmods but I ll add some notif for pop change and city change religion and some other later
add Government modif of War Exhaustion in tooltip
and some others things
War Exhaustion now have tooltip that give all event of this turn and the previous turn

now government change set government stability to -100 (minimum)
and changing policies is now -5 per policies

added a revolt type when you have less than -50 WEP or Government stability every city within 10 plot who have a negative loyalty per turn revolt the same turn

now revolt reduce yield for 30 turn going from -100% first turn then -96.6% on second turn ect.. till reach -0%
Fixed all bug I could find
Adds Goverment stability and WEP for under siege and occupied cities
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