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city states

  1. Bonyduck Campersang

    Yet Another City-States Pack 2

    Adds new city-states, and replaces a few old ones. NOT in any way affiliated with the Y(n)aemp series of mods.
  2. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Some More City-State Leaders for VP 3.2

    Discussion thread.
  3. C

    Help with Starting Plots, can they be restricted? (i.e. no Tundra spawns)

    Using the latest VP version 2.5. I'm basically looking to restrict the starting plots where Civs and City States can first spawn. Specifically, too many City States for my liking are spawning near the northern and southern edges of the map. I've found game play more enjoyable when city states...
  4. BuchiTaton

    The Human Value: Candidates for relevant, interesting and consistent City States and Barbarians

    When we look at many civ's city list we would find that usually most of their cities were founded by other peoples that have very low chances to be represend on game. Similiar case some unique militar units were in fact auxiliaries and mercenaries from famous "minor nations". Or what about...
  5. Infixo

    Better City States (UI) 1.2

    New version 1.2 as of 14.06 - Grouping by types. Enhanced City States screen. This mod integrates and improves the screen from the Concise UI (which I've always considered to be the best improvement of the CS window), some functionality from CQUI and adds my own improvements (spies...
  6. J

    Why don't 'City States' build improvements such as a dam, etc..

    Why don't 'City States' build improvements such as a dam on the river, a flood dam?. Is there a way to make them do it, or do it yourself and do it for them? Of course, if they have access to the river or they are on the coast, etc.
  7. B

    [NFP] Console advanced features

    Do consoles (I'm specifically on Xbox X) not get some of the advanced features that are on computers? Specifically, with this new Barbarian Clans update I was watching part of a developer livestream that said you could make a game with no starting city states and let the barbarians develop into...
  8. megabearsfan

    PolyCast episode 378: Power Creep

    The three hundred-and-seventy-eighth episode of PolyCast, “Power Creep“ is now available for streaming on polycast.civfanatics.com. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason “MegaBearsFan”, and guest co-host TheChrisD. Topics for this episode include...
  9. civplayer33

    Community poll: adding a more easily visible Tribute breakdown to City Banners

    Since I'm currently playing a game with Autocracy and wanted to check the current state of the Autocracy diplomatic game specifically, among other things, I've noticed a great annoyance: tributing City States requires having a certain amount of units within a certain range, among many other...
  10. Navelgazer

    I'd Like for City States to be able to take Cities.

    Maybe there's a mod for this already, I don't know, but... I was in a situation tonight that was fairly novel to me, though I bet most of you have seen something like it. Playing as Gorgo, I'm on a continent with Tomyris to the south with a good amount of buffer room and touch-and-go but...
  11. enKage

    [GS] Flood Barrier and Valetta City state

    Flood barrier cannot be bought by cash, but can be bought by faith. And dependless of how many tiles are affected by rising sea level - the cost is always the same and is insanely cheap. Who cares 8 tiles being flooded, just send envoys to Valetta and buy a barrier for... 160 faith. And compare...
  12. Victoria

    Civ VI Levy Units

    Levy City State Units You can levy a City States (CS) military units if you are currently suzerain of that CS. You can do this multiple times for each CS but if already levying units, you cannot levy more until you are no longer levying units. It costs the base production value of the units...
  13. C

    Buying Envoys

    In previous installments, gold seemed to be worth more than it does in civ 6. The only major shift in its use between 5 and 6 is the ability to purchase the loyalty of city states. Adding this feature can allow a civilization to focus entirely on economics, without having to pay much mind to...
  14. Peng Qi

    [R&F] Are there any mods that make the city state game worth playing?

    As of right now there appears to be no reason whatsoever to waste time with city states, since the AI players just gobble them up and there seems to be nothing you can do about it whatsoever other than declare a surprise war to defend them. I'm shocked there's still not a "you're at war with my...
  15. washy

    City states and specialist

    City states can use specialist? can they spawn great people? is there any way to enable that?
  16. I

    [BNW] Hormigas Enhanced Map Pack (43 Civs) City State Help

    Hello. I would like to know how to choose which city states go into the Giant Earth TSL map from Hormigas Enhanced Map Pack. I want the game to always load in the same 20 city states, since I want to minimize the RNG in the game. I have spent the past week trying various things, but since I am...
  17. BenZL43

    Bandar Brunei : a plea

    Dear modder of the community, Some of you might not realized, but Bandar Brunei city state, that replaces Jakarta many moons ago, currently still use Jakarta's Monumen Nasional logo.. despite Brunei have this beautiful, unique icon in her flag. It seems they were not prepared with the sudden...
  18. CppMaster

    Influence reward from building a landmark in a CS

    The title reward is too low to consider it as an option. It gives only 50 influence, so it's about the same as just using a diplomat and it prevents from getting an artifact. I think it should be about 200 influence, or scale with era.
  19. CppMaster

    CS luxury resource quest - exploit

    I'm currently playing Germany with completed Progress and Statecraft, trying to win diplomatically. I have about 40 happiness in my empire. Does happiness above 10 contribute only to faster golden ages? I think so anyway. I have accidentally traded away my only copy of furs to Persia. After...
  20. jarcast2

    Jarcast's Some More City States 5

    Compatible with JFD's Cultural Diversity and YnAEMP (only earth-wide maps). Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS Check the wiki page for more info. Steam Workshop link
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