The Human Value: Candidates for relevant, interesting and consistent City States and Barbarians


Jul 8, 2019
When we look at many civ's city list we would find that usually most of their cities were founded by other peoples that have very low chances to be represend on game. Similiar case some unique militar units were in fact auxiliaries and mercenaries from famous "minor nations". Or what about Luxury Resources, colonial powers dont just arrived to some jungle and discovered the properties and use of Coffee, Chocolate, Tea or Tobacco just by look at them, the native people were the ones that teached them.

For imperialistic powers the peoples that inhabit one region and their customs are valuable resources,they mean population, unique units, technologies and goods. Because all this I think CIV7 could be a great opportunity to turn what are now (CIV6) "City States" and "Barbarian Clans" on a more relevant, interesting and consistent factor on game.

So the idea of this thread is to suggest specific candidates of what I will call "Minor Civs", some examples:

> CARAVANNERS (group):
- Location: Desert, their camps near oasis, salt and incense are easier to turn on trading cities.
- Unique: Camelry, the Dromedary would improve your desert trade rutes and could recruit the Camel Riders militar unit.
- Include (each with additional specific bonus): Berbers, Somalis and Arameans.

- Location: Coast, their camps are on inner seas, pirates pesting your ports.
- Unique: The Sea Raiders, early amphibious militar unit.
- Include: I have two couples that are kind of similar, the bronze-iron age Sherden and (early) Norse (even both used horned helmets :p). While the Carib and Dayak have the tropical theme, even share the use of Blowgun and Poison, so should they be another group?

- Location: Rivers on desert, are city states since the start.
- Unique: Can build farms on the desert tiles if is adjacent to river or another farm.
- Include: Sumerians (if not a playable civ) as the science oriented, Harappans food bonus, Mochicas as the militar ones, and Nubians (if not palayable) with monument building bonus.

- Location: Taiga, around artic forest.
- Unique: Cold related survival techs like reindeer breeding, ski and sled.
- Include: Fenni and Jurchen (If can not be main civ) or Komi and Evenki.

- High Plateaus. Can thrive without altitude penalization, Yak and Alpaca bredding. Tibetans and Aymaras.

- Hill forest, highly defensive, their lands are good to produce Coffee and Tea. Examples Muisca and Miao.

- This is kind of obvious, the candidates are the Saka, Tujue and Xianbei. But what do you think about add the Comanche?

Please share your ideas of minor civs!
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