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  1. raen

    Lion of The Seas is Nau! v1.0

    Afonso de Albuquerque, Lion of the Seas, adding to Portugal! Nau de Armada and Caravela Redonda as unique units. Support: You have to use the Leaders Assets workshop and also Armadas are Nau! along with this MOD. Seapower here we go :) CREDITS @LastSword - Afonso de Albuquerque @Mediocrity...
  2. raen

    Leaders Assets for Portugal is Nau v1.0

    Leaders' Assets for Portugal is Nau. All the nine leaders to add as new modules for Portugal is Nau! Note: for questions of size the download is on Steam CREDITS @LastSword - Afonso de Albuquerque @LastSword - João II @Mediocrity - Dinis I (and also João II and Albuquerque new Icons)...
  3. King Phaedron

    Game of Thrones

    Kings Landing to exist in game... as a city on turn 0... ruled by random player. All other players receive something else in compensation, perhaps a free settler. Presumes to rule over the whole game world... able to demand tributes successfully, all players must comply with tributes or declare...
  4. CypRyan

    CypRyan's Wide & Tall 40

    Since Wide vs Tall is no real thing in Civ VI, this mod tries to add some tweaks to make Tall play viable and balance it out with Wide play. This mod aims to be minimal invasive! When playing wide you should experience no change in gameplay, at all. Disclaimer Most significant Changes and...
  5. King Phaedron

    Rock Bands at Notre Dame

    This thread is a play off. Find and post a music performance at a real life CIV wonder. Check this out, and we'll pretend the Rock Bands are from a Civ very far ahead in Civics to where this concept happens during the Renaissance or Industrial Era. I kinda think after a performance like this...
  6. Sukrov

    Simple way to change Civ and leader names

    Similar to how in Civ 5 you can rename the civilisations and leaders, what if in Civ 6 you can do the same?
  7. King Phaedron

    Map Pak - Legend of Mana, FF6, Europe huge +

    These are all of my custom Civ 6 maps. File where appropriate, I am going back to Civ 5. Although I did have a fairly challenging game with REAL STRATEGY, like All AI mods, the Civs almost never build walls! Full Complete Maps (With New Fronteir Content and Advanced Starts) ALL of my maps are...
  8. Gameboy2396

    [GS] Named Features Error (new version of Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations) - Test on GitHub here!

    Hello, everyone. So, I have decided to fork Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations for YnAMP, and add new stuff to it, such as favored religions, citizen names, unique diplomacy quotes, and (what's not working right now), named places. The named places system is my favorite new feature in...
  9. Gameboy2396

    Help with Citizen Names and Named Places (from GS)

    Hello, I think I could use some help. I am making adjustments to Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations (YnAMP), and I'm adding names for citizens so that the gossip feature works as it should. They were not added into the mod by Gedemon, so I need to do it myself. I have got the named places...
  10. Boa's Mod Productions

    Civilization VI - Religious Champions (Suggested Religion Gameplay Rework) (Future Mod?)

    So it's been a while since my last thread on unique religious gameplay (Late-Game Religion), and I had always thought about, and couldn't make up my mind on how civs that adopt another civs' religion can contribute to that religion and benefit from it. After all in real history for example...
  11. S

    How long should a Civ turn take?

    I'm used to the good old days of playing quick turns, managing a few things and moving on but with Civ6 + DLCs + updates I don't think I can do that anymore. How long does everyone else take on their turns? I've played on Online, Standard and Marathon speeds and the amount of decisions to make...
  12. beaniebop

    Possible to mod Civ6 from Mac App Store?

    I'm new to Civilization, but a fast fan. I've been trying to enable the Debug menu, however I have been unable to find the folders on my Mac. The closest I have gotten to in finding any folder relating to Civ is the "show package contents" options when right clicking on Civ when in the...
  13. King Phaedron

    AI Cannot Use Bermuda Triangle / Single Player doesn't exist

    I made a map with Maori starting in one ocean tile, surrounded by mountains, with enough inner land just to make a decent capital. If this had worked, I was going to build a map around it, with the expectation that Maori could be anywhere. This turned out to be much less interesting, because the...
  14. Maat

    Warcraft 4?

    Do you think the next Warcraft game should be like Civ 6, it would be different but I think would be kool and interesting what you think?
  15. Navelgazer

    What Do We Think of Religion in Civ VI?

    What works for you about the Religion Game in Civ VI (or in previous iterations of Civ)? What doesn’t? Looking into the (possibly distant) future for Civ7, what would an ideal Religion game look like to you? As somebody who prefers faith-based games of Civ, I’ve been thinking over this quite a...
  16. S

    Civ6 bug,Singleplayer not working

    Hello, I have got Civ6 for free from Epic Games. It worked perfectly untill October update 2020. When I try to make a singleplayer game it shows me this thing. I don't know what this bug is about But it prevents me from playing SinglePlayer, Multiplayer is alright. Please help me, thanks from...
  17. CivLifeRyoutube


    In this post I am going to be detailing how to play Arabia on deity victory as shown in this video series: Arabia is one of the original civs that came out with civ 6 vanilla. Arabia, to this day, is one of the strongest hybrid civs in the entire game. They might not be the strongest at any...
  18. Awuxy

    [GS] Civ 6 Meteorology/Disaster/Weather Prediction Idea

    I posted this originally on r/Civ, and got alot of positive feedback, with other ideas. Given that civ 6 has a wide range of meteorological events, from hurricanes, to blizzards, to tornadoes, and floods, with their varying strengths, couldn't it be possible to add some elements to the...
  19. T

    Great works when making peace

    I am not able to ask for a great work during a peace deal. Not that she isn't willing to give it up, but that when I click it it won't even go up to the "their offer" section. Is this a bug or the AI trying to cheat? It is a relic to be exact.
  20. King Phaedron

    Men in Black - American Uniue Unit

    Some new ideas for America: Give us your tired huddled masses: Whenever America razes a city, receive some of it's population. When an american city is razed, recieve all of it's population into nearby cities (+1 per city) and +10% production for the next 10 turns. Whenever a city is razed in...
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