1. B

    7 ideas for Civ 7-Unit training, group alliances, shared military, and more

    Well, Civ 7 has finally been announced. I'm sure everyone has their personal wishlist, wanted to include mine: 1. Revamped Unit Recruitment: You shouldn't have to use your production queue to build units. It has never made sense to me to have to choose between building a library and recruiting...
  2. queenpea

    Civ VII Press Release?

    So far, we just have a tweet, and some added details in articles like this one from IGN. It's been mentioned that marketing will start in full force with a press release. @Laurana Kanan (thank you) has pointed out that Civ VI was announced with a trailer on May 11, 2016. This was followed by...
  3. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Civ7 Space Race Science Victory.

    What should be a final objective of Space Race in Civ7? 1. Lagrangian Spacecolony (O'Neill Cylinder, featured prominently in Gundam franchise) 2. Mars colonization. (or anywhere else within Solar System) 3. First 'Faster Than Light' spaceship (To nearest star systems adjacent to Sol system). 4...
  4. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    William Pitt, a worthy candidate to lead England in Civ7?

    Is William Pitt a worthy candidate to be Leader of England in Civ7? And which William Pitt should lead England? Since there's William Pitt of the Seven Years War (The Elder), and William Pitt of Napoleonic Wars (The Younger) and the two are in the same family and also leads Conservative Party...
  5. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Civ7 City Walls and defense schemes.

    Should basic city walls require a technology to build? In Civ games (and similiar civbuilding 4x games), city walls require a technology / advancements to build which generally becomes available by the latter stage of default 'Ancient Era' (usually 4,000 BC but the Humankind set the beginnings...
  6. King Phaedron

    Game of Thrones

    Kings Landing to exist in game... as a city on turn 0... ruled by random player. All other players receive something else in compensation, perhaps a free settler. Presumes to rule over the whole game world... able to demand tributes successfully, all players must comply with tributes or declare...
  7. King Phaedron

    Civilization 7: Types of Cities, Scenario Mode, and Industrial Victory

    Civilization is a game of Systems, Strategies, and Efficiencies. Over the course of a few years, players unravel the most efficient strategies to do things, and the game starts to become stale. Most of the suggestions people make for Civilization 7 are too deeply rooted in existing game...
  8. Duke William of Normandy

    How would you design a Swiss Civilization in Civ 7?

    You know what to do, people. I believe that there are some fundamental aspects about Switzerland that should most likely be included in a Swiss Civ, including the following: The fact that Switzerland is a confederation of cantons that have no singular authority figure but instead a council of...
  9. BuchiTaton

    The return of a Nationality like mechanics in CIV7

    Nationality for your citizens used to be a culture and loyalty related element in CIV3 and CIV4, the disappearance of this and the emergence of Great Works tell us about the preference for a design in which the player can gain some reward to max-min rather than one that obliges you to manage...
  10. Duke William of Normandy

    How would YOU design Israel in Civ 7 if allowed?(Made this because others are also)

    (I want to be like others, so I'm doing this to fit in.) Alright, let's talk about one of the more controversial Civilizations that could appear. No, we'll not be talking about Modern Israel, only Ancient Israel. Here are two ideas for Israel I made two years ago to get us started. Joshua...
  11. BuchiTaton

    The Human Value: Candidates for relevant, interesting and consistent City States and Barbarians

    When we look at many civ's city list we would find that usually most of their cities were founded by other peoples that have very low chances to be represend on game. Similiar case some unique militar units were in fact auxiliaries and mercenaries from famous "minor nations". Or what about...
  12. T

    Civ 7 - City walls incorporate districts adjacent to city center

    Greetings fellow gamers! I'm relatively new to the forum so I hope this thread does not already exists. If that is the case, I'm very sorry for the potential spam! I was playing what could be my thousand game of Civ 6 yesterday and, while pillaging a commercial district, I realized how...
  13. Hertingen

    Suggestion: Government/ideology overhaul and Great Philosophers

    Hi I am new here and created this account to share this thought that has been brewing since easter. I sometimes scan the boards on here to keep track of civ news, but for the time being I have little time for video games and even less so video game forums, so be nice if I am completely...
  14. HorseshoeHermit

    Building a Civ game backwards

    What should the victory conditions of a new Civ game be? I think there's a good reason to ask this question first. One can consider this thread just a place for focusing conversation on the titular design tactic, but to belong to the aspirations of that perfect 4X historical game thread. We...
  15. Navelgazer

    What Do We Think of Religion in Civ VI?

    What works for you about the Religion Game in Civ VI (or in previous iterations of Civ)? What doesn’t? Looking into the (possibly distant) future for Civ7, what would an ideal Religion game look like to you? As somebody who prefers faith-based games of Civ, I’ve been thinking over this quite a...
  16. King Phaedron

    Nuclear Gandhi & Vimana Unit for Civ6 Mod or Civ7

    This is a redesign for India centered around the Nuclear Gandhi theme. This was a bug that started back in Civilization 1, but there is actually some historic reasoning to explore with this. Call it Synchronicity or Coincidence, but I don't believe in Coincidence.
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