1. vonJahgmann

    Cities at least 6 hexes away 1.0

    Simple GamePlay mod that REDUCES city spam. New cities now need to be 6 hexes apart instead of the default of 4. Note: This is a recreation of the previous resource/mod noted by the below link. As I was unable to change the original post's type (from 'no files' to 'with files') and then upload...
  2. vonJahgmann

    Cities at least 5 hexes away 1.0

    Simple GamePlay mod that SLIGHTLY REDUCES city spam. New cities now need to be 5 hexes apart instead of the default of 4. Note: This is a recreation of the previous resource/mod noted by the below link. As I was unable to change the original post's type (from 'no files' to 'with files') and...
  3. vonJahgmann

    Cities at least 4 hexes away 1.0

    Simple GamePlay mod that explicitly sets the minimum distance between cities to 4 hexes (3 between). Note 1: For me spacing of 4 seems to be the default vanilla spacing. For others I am hearing 5 is their default. Either way, this mod sets the value to 4. Note 2: This is a recreation of the...
  4. Strudeler

    Strudeler's Mods - Civ6 Advanced 3.1.2

    Strudeler's Mods - Civ6 Advanced will change the game pace and game size by altering production cost, production output, research speed, and combat mobility along with several minor modifications to the base game as well as the DLC. Changelog found within the mod folder.
  5. L

    [BNW] Rule Through the Ages

    This is for discussion of the Rule Through the Ages mod. A total conversion that drastically alters many elements of gameplay. See download page here: or steam here (requires login)...
  6. E

    England's traits need to be changed so they're not all over the place.

    I've been trying England out lately, and I've come to the conclusion that England's abilities are too spread out across science, culture, and military for England to ever be a strong civ. For example, England gets a free melee unit for each city founded on a new continent. A melee unit takes...
  7. GoldBerg

    Civilization 1 - Adventure Walkthrough Story

    i just found this maybe blogs are the best format for posting civ1 civDOS savegame stories...
  8. cof125

    Mouse's Rise of Mankind 0.8.2

    Rise of Mankind: War of the Ages Smarter AI, New Tech Tree, New Combat Rules, and more... System Spec Changes From Stock: Minimum Ram(Memory) = 8 GB Recommended Ram(Memory) = 16 GB (Large Map Size and Above) The model of this mod is to re-balance the AI, Tech tree, and gameplay to make all...
  9. cof125

    Harder AI 2

    Now only affects AI removed tech tree and resource rebalance, also Ai will compete a lot harder with the player and care more what the player is adoing and adjust strategy accordingly now. Don not use AI+ Please!!! Links to my other mods: Rise of Mankind Resource Rebalance
  10. HadrianLP

    [VidLP] 8 Ages of Rome | Introduction + Episode 1 | "8 Ages of Pace" Mod Gameplay | Fractal King

    Hi all, I wanted to do a series showcasing some of the mod community's work, particularly given some of my qualms with the launch build's pacing issues. This particular series features 8 Ages of Pace, More Barbarian XP, and YnAMP's Culturally Linked Starts. I give you 8 Ages of Rome! New...
  11. Mrdarklight

    What I like, and what I don't like in Civ VI

    No, this isn't going to be a complaints post. Probably more of a fanboy post. For the most part, I like this new version a lot, and the things I don't like about it can mostly be patched out, and probably will be. I remember with Civ 5, a lot of the stuff we came to take for granted was not in...
  12. cromcrom

    Rigale 1.1

    Rigale is the beginning of a randomized and "realistic" major mod, with emphasis on early, "gritty" gameplay. V1.0 - Reduce LoS of many basic "foot" units - Decrease Scout cost and combat. V1.1 - Added roaming tribe unit (can build city, can build improvements (2), can fight) - Added 4 new techs...
  13. Fierro

    I don't feel like district system makes any difference

    So far, the only difference is that districts need tiles to be built on. And they also receive bonuses for adjacent tiles. That's all. They still look like improvements separated from city and I still need most of the districts to be built in each city as it was in Civ 5. Sometimes I may want...
  14. G

    Weather Effects

    Randomly generated on a random number of tiles for a random number of turns based on the actual biome of those tiles. Imagine, for example, a storm on a group of 5-6 grassland tiles, effecting tiles output and units. Rising the food output but dropping the production. It could create a marsh on...
  15. Cooleatack

    Do Mods disable Achievements? (Should they?)

    A quick question that I figured would spur some discussion; so I made it into its own thread. Civilization V had this feature and you could easily circumvent it by installing them as dlc, or reloading a previously modded save. So does Civilization VI block achievements when you have a mod...
  16. Ryika

    Codex - Gameplay Overhaul

    --[ Codex - Gameplay Overhaul ]-- [Steam Download] After having gathered a lot of experience in modding with the 'Awesome Collection' and now having spent almost a year of work on this mod I'm happy to finally release Codex, a one-person-project that reworks almost every aspect of the game and...
  17. L

    Rule Through the Ages v9

    Lead your empire without spending time in all of them micromanagement. TLDR: Large changes to the game with the goal of allowing you to make interesting decisions ruling your empire in a game that will be much faster to play than Civ 5. Game set up options: No action diplmacy screens as...
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