1. Matsuda123

    Pot de Fer 2020-05-01

    The first cannon in European history. The "Pot de Fer" (literally Pot of Fire) is little more than an iron cast vase tired atop a platform. As an early cannon, it fires what many early Chinese advances in gunpowder shot, arrows. Thanks to the great MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and...
  2. N

    Civ IV: Europe 1.01

    --------------------------------------- v 1.01 --------------------------------------- - Added a new scenario map: Kingdoms 1250AD. A medieval Europe scenario. - The earth map has also got updated: I made it a little bit less stuffed (less cities at one square kilometer)... - Changes to the...
  3. J


    I wanted a mod limiting play to medieval era. Got some good ideas but nothing substanial online, so had a go creating my own! Games have the same number of turns, but end shortly after 1500AD (assuming time victory is selected of course!) witth a raft of new buildings, techs, units etc...
  4. dacubz145

    TTT - Chivalry's Final Stand

    Travel Through Time Mod Series Download Scenario Mod focused on the Hundred Years War Currently have a 1337 Scenario, encompassing the beginning of the war. Civilizations -Kingdom of England -Kingdom of France -Kingdom of Scotland -Holy Roman Empire -Kingdom of Denmark* -Lordship of Ireland*...
  5. sman1975

    La Guerre de Cent Ans: A Hundred Years of War V.4

    "La Guerre de Cent Ans – A Hundred Years of War" is a scenario depicting the dynastic struggle for the crown of France, 1337-1453. These wars were fought between the Kingdoms of England and France, along with a various and rotating set of allies. This mod is built around La Sage's vanilla...
  6. Morpheuskibbe

    Wall Bug New (Not a Bug)

    I've seen some bug reports with respect to not being able to build walls (its greyed out and not clickable) im having a similar issue with slightly different symptoms medieval walls aren't even an option. grayed or otherwise. See image. city has ancient wall and no option to build medieval...
  7. sman1975

    Mod Finally Finished (well, Beta anyways...) - Thanks to Everyone!!!

    Wanted to let everyone know my mod is finally released - "Kingmaker: The Winter of Discontent" It's meant to be a medieval slug-fest, full of Shakespearean flavor, even a mad wizard or two up in the misty Scottish highlands. Game is mainly scoped for Diety/Marathon, as it's very hard to get...
  8. sman1975

    [BNW] Kingmaker: The Winter of Discontent

    Well met, Friends! "Kingmaker - The Winter of Discontent" is a scenario depicting the prolonged intermittent struggle now known as the Wars of the Roses, a civil war in medieval England. These wars were fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, those of...
  9. Mosile

    Mosile's Half-fast Icons.

    Hello, I am Mosile and here are a bunch of icons I made n Photoshop. Feel free to use in any potential mods you will be making. They aren't masterpieces and are mostly just stuff i find on google photoshopped to look like Civ icons. Air Brigade Brig of War Flailman Tank Destoryer...
  10. Medieval Era

    Medieval Era

    Medieval Era picture of an hourglass.
  11. Go Medieval

    Go Medieval

    Welcome to the Medieval Era!
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