1. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Civ7 City Walls and defense schemes.

    Should basic city walls require a technology to build? In Civ games (and similiar civbuilding 4x games), city walls require a technology / advancements to build which generally becomes available by the latter stage of default 'Ancient Era' (usually 4,000 BC but the Humankind set the beginnings...
  2. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Mod Potential) Percussion Primer Technology

    A mod potential thread, by modders for modders. Should Percussion Primer (AKA Percussion caps, with shock sensitive agent made of Mercury Fulminate) be an industrial era technology that comes between Scientific Theory and Rifling? - If so what should it do - If not. why?
  3. LPlate2

    [SDK] Assymetric Cultural Expansion 2020-08-23

    Hi, These are the files, including the edits I made discussed in the thread, . The modcomp allows for; 1) blocking the spread of cultural influence of terrain types until a pre-requisite technology is...
  4. Merkava120

    Dynamica 1.01

    This mod's goal is to make Civ 4 more historically accurate by turning every part of the game into a dynamic, unpredictable path. (After all, no historic king has sat around planning how quickly they can discover Iron Working before the Byzantines get it.) Details are in the thread.
  5. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Calculus as End of Renaissance technology ?

    Mod potential thread 1. Should Calculus appeared in the game as a technology that appeared by the closing stage of Renaissance Era? (Because Modern Calculus as we known today was developed in Europe in the 17th Century by two persons. Issac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz...
  6. TheOneHitPupper


    MoreTech The Tech Tree just got 2x bigger Overview For almost as long as I've played Civilization V, I've consistently felt that the vanilla Tech Tree was too short and was missing large swaths of human history. I noticed there were a few mods out there that expand the Tech Tree, but would...
  7. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 353: Back to Console School

    The three hundred-and-fifty-third episode of PolyCast, “Back to Console School“, features regular co-hosts Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade with guest co-host DanQ and discusses the following: Senate - 00h03m25s | Districts and their Discontents -...
  8. J

    Tech Tree

    So I don't know if this is useful, but this is a tech tree I designed. I really hate those tech trees which have every relationship linked by a line. A lot of those connections are really unnecessary - I really don't need to know that Industrial Automation is a prerequisite to Graviton Theory...
  9. Silica_Pathways

    v40 clearly increases the challenge

    Look at this beaut, small Earth map, prince difficulty, historic start locations, barbarian and neanderthal cities on, current year 11418BC, the news popup says I am in the tech lead, meanwhile Paraguay already got wiped out by the barbs and this explains why: I guess I'll have to increase my...
  10. nauberry

    [GS] [Request] Civilization specific starting dates

    I have had this idea for a while now. I'd like to play on a huge true starting map with all civilizations so that technological advancements of certain civs (the Europeans, American colonies etc.) would be taken into action. I was wondering if it is possible to create a mod where each civ can...
  11. M

    [GS] More than one required technology

    I was wondering if it was possible to have a unit need 2 different techs do be able to be built. For example you would need both pottery and animal husbandry to be able to built archers. Not so that you need to research animal husbandry first to be able to research pottery but so you can...
  12. T

    Slower Tech by Era 2.1

    This is just what it says on the box - a simple mod that scales up tech and civic costs progressively throughout the game, so the tech pacing doesn't snowball way ahead of production to the point where units go obsolete before you've finished building them and the modern era starts in 1000 AD...
  13. D

    [GS] Technology Research Times Shortened - Glitch to 25 Turns or Less

    Hello, Whenever I start a game with Marathon speed in the Ancient era, the research speed is always glitched and stays at 25 turns per technology. Epic is 14 turns per tech. Standard is 6 turns per tech. Sometimes I see it be 150 turns per technology [Marathon], but then after I click it, it...
  14. Artoli

    Make Military Tactics required for Metal Fusion

    Hello guys, I wish to know what you think about my proposal. I would make the military tacitcs necessary for Metal Casting, atleast. Why? Because of several reason: 1) Metal Casting unlocks Pike and Shot unit which is made of a Musketman and a Pikeman, but you could make them even if you can't...
  15. M

    Future invention point system game. Help and feedback?

    I am making a game where each future invention gives you 5 points. Once you accumulate to 100, you win. Each 5 points unlocks a new invention. Here's what I have so far +5 James Webb Space Telescope +10 Quantum computer +15 Fusion reactor +20 Fusion rocket Does anybody have any cool, creative...
  16. D

    Dags Campus Buildings Mod 2017-08-31

    Adjusts how you get science from campus buildings. Eliminates "free" science just for building the building. Campus - +1 science for being adjacent to a river. No other adjacency bonuses from terrain (Still get +1 science if adjacent to two other districts) Library - Adds +1 science for each...
  17. K

    Changing the research costs of the early game

    Greetings, you guys are making a wonderful mod. The point of the thread: the research costs are too high under certain settings, specifically for Huge and larger maps during the earlier eras. In vanilla BTS it makes a lot of sense to scale them given that you'll have more space to expand into...
  18. M

    Writing boost triggering upon defeat of unknown player

    In the very early game, if you haven't triggered the boost to Writing already (so you haven't met another civilisation), and an unknown AI player is defeated it triggers the Eureka for Writing. My scenario is: Fractal map type Epic speed Playing as Saladin/Arabia Turn 60 No Eureka for Writing...
  19. A

    Science Enhanced

    Is there any mod that makes science more realistic? In real life, we don't discover new technologies by wanting them to exist... which is basically what the Science Tree is. I'm thinking of things like, accumulating science points would allow you to unlock technologies in domains on which...
  20. Desertmoongw

    Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes 1.2

    Our Sovereign Nation is a planned mod series to give every civilization aesthetically unique versions of various different aspects of the game. Our Sovereign Nation: Quotes provides every civilization with a unique set of quotes for Technologies and Civics. These quotes are not voice acted...
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