1. D

    Bridges as improvements

    One thing I'd love to see more of in CIV VII is more infastructure improvements. To this end, I posted a couple days ago on Reddit about an idea I had to make bridges an infrastructure improvement. So here it is. Suggestion: Make Bridges Tile Improvements Rationale: This would allow terrain...
  2. Zegangani

    Unit Balance Patch (Mod)

    The April Patch from last Year made quite some changes to Units in Civ VI, and the addition of the 3 new Units weren't the only reason for that. Even before NFP, Units in Civ VI were, although OK, far from being balanced, especially the balance between the different Unit Classes. But Balance...
  3. gelodgreat

    R.E.D Total War: Warfare Expanded Reloaded 1.2

    Units Rescaling and Formations for Warfare Expanded Reloaded Steam Link Here
  4. yung.carl.jung

    Maps that lend themselves to Warfare

    I'll be honest, I absolutely hate every single map type in Civ 6. I think the new map generation algorhythm is atrocious and an insult to Civ players, it is also strictly a downgrade from Civ 5 in any way imagineable. 9/10 Pangeas that I roll either have a mountain range completely cutting me...
  5. B

    [GS] Late game warfare

    I recently started playing gathering storm, there is one thing that I was wondering: what do people think of late game warfare? Given that it is not uncommon to only have 6-8 oil in an empire of 10-12 cities, the total amount of infantry + artillery + tank + part of fleet is constrained to 6...
  6. B

    [GS] IDEA: Autonomy and Realism Mod Package

    This is a long post, and as my first post to these forums, perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew. Regardless, I hope that my ideas are worth sharing and it sparks interest in a few of you! Introduction There are many things I enjoy immensely about Civilization VI, but there’s also a few...
  7. DioAurion

    Extended City Razing Period

    Interested in if a modder can look into creating an extended period of city razing. Example: City is conquered. City has 11 population. Conqueror chooses to raze the city. City loses 1 population point per turn until it reaches 1 population. At 1 population the city is then destroyed. For the...
  8. Theproracer

    Need Help of Experienced Modder

    Hello I need someone to help me design a missile silo. This would need to be a tile improvement a worker would be able to build, have a maintenance cost of 10 and be able to re base an ICBM from my nuclear expanded 3 mod. Special unit is (ICBMT). This would function the same as the airbase mod...
  9. Sniiperman456

    Imperium Offtopicum XXII

    In 2020 some global disaster wiped out civilization. Now, survivors have climbed out of the wreckage and have started to rebuild. Nations are being formed amidst the ruins of former civilization. You, the player, will control one of these nations. Will you lead it to prosperity? Or will you lead...
  10. M

    Civ 6 is all about war-mongering and potential fix to balance.

    I enjoy the new format and changes in CIV 6. And I believe CIV 6 is tantalizing close to being the best CIV by far. Unfortunately, every difficult decision is currently best resolved by warmongering. Since, warmongering is the de facto resolution, all the the other intricacies can be...
  11. G


    I am in need of some guidance on my current game. I am playing as Songhai, on emperor level and so far the game is one of my best ever. I landed Petra in my capital and since then it has been a wonder factory, my second city has Alhambra and heroic epic and is churning out level 3 musket men...
  12. LFRANK

    Whatever Happened to Modern Warfare?

    Okay, been a bit slow on playing full games. Did several short ones to learn the ropes a bit before wading into the deep end. And yet, now that I have I find the endgame less satisfying than I could have imagined. Does anyone else think that the modern, atomic, and information ages pass way...
  13. Navy


    Naval Warfare
  14. Air Warfare

    Air Warfare

    Air Warfare
  15. Civilopedia - Amphibious Warfare

    Civilopedia - Amphibious Warfare

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