(7a) Promotion Icons for VP

Are you a graphics designer as day job? I bet you are.

Not at all. I am just a guy who handle well the most minimalist open source graphics app (Paint.net)
Most of these icons are made from pics downloaded mainly on cleanpng, freepik, Free Vector Silhouettes, free png library, freePNGimg, clker, pixabay, shareicon, ...
Say thanks to thousands artists/designers that share their works Royalty-free for non commercial use.


Author: Ahkâm
From: freeiconspng.com
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@Asterix Rage I wonder if you would be interested in doing unique promotion mods for Nubia?
UA promo - Ta-Seti - +2:c5production: and +10%:c5production: on garrisoned units
UU1 promo - Mercenary - no :c5gold:Gold maintenance on unit. Lost on Promotion
UU2 promo - Temple Guard - -5%:c5unhappy:Needs in city when Garrisoned. +15%:c5strength: in Friendly Territory
7a v4.png

(7a) Promotion Icons for VP (v 4) will be included in a next version of VP​

To have it now in your game:
Copy/paste/replace the content of (7a)PromoIconsVPv4 _patch for VP(7-1).7z in \MODS\(7a) Promotion Icons for VP
Savegame compatible.

Suitable for VP(8-12) and still Savegame Compatible :banana:


  • (7a)PromoIconsVPv4 _patch for VP(7-1).7z
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