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Jun 14, 2003
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September 5, 2009 download post #27
Another storage depot to replace radar tower. I find it much easier to spot the looking for the radar tower that sometimes gets lost in the other graphics.

Here is a one with a larger lookout tower.

I don't use lookout or outposts in my game so I borrowed the graphic. Download on post #27

August 23, 2009 download post #24
Here is another set with a supply depot camp. Elenar had a great idea to replace radar tower, this is how I am personally using it, plus it is more visible.

Borrowing from Goldfool`s terrain building set, hope you don`t mind.

August 13, 2009 download post #23
I've replaced the tower on the modern airfield.

New Jan 12, 2008:
Another set with the modern airfield redone, download on post #15.
Modern airfield with lights and industrail airfield with new building on post #12.
Modern airfield lights and original buildings on post #3.

New August 9, 2007: Viking Boat Camps, preview and Download on thread #9.

Original post starts here:

Here is my first attempt at making new airfields for the industrial and modern ages..

Goes in the PTW or Conquests terrain folder, not for vanilla. Don't forget to backup your original file.



  • x_airfields and detect.pcx
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Hey Pounder, your tundra graphics look different...

Is there any way I could get mine to look like yours? :)

Btw, the airport is great. Very nice job! :goodjob:
ok cheers will try it
Unfortunately, I have not been to this thread in a while and do not personally use those Viking Boat Camps.

This file was lost in the great hack and in the mean time I have a new computer and this file didn't make it over.

Hopefully KingArthur may still have a copy and would be good enough to post it here.

I've checked some backup CD's that I made and this file doesn't appear to have made it to any backup.
Here's the file of the boat camps :)


  • x_airfields_and_detect.pcx
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Thanks KA. :)
Yes, thanks KingArthur for saving me.

Here's a preview:


  • boatcamppre.png
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