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All Things Harry Potter

No, the word “buffalo” does not appear in the book. Just another of Julia Donaldson’s subversive literary techniques. Neither does it resemble a buffalo, though its appearance was devised by the illustrator, Axel Scheffler, rather than by Donaldson herself.
Nope, the word "buffalo" never occurs in either The Gruffalo, or The Gruffalo's Child: I should know, I read them both to my boys often enough! (And, for the record, did different voices for all the characters!)

Though I honestly don't see the point in making such a short picture-book into an audiobook, no matter how charmingly read by some random celeb. Is it really too much to spend 10-15 minutes of one's day to read to one's kids oneself...?
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Well, it’s good to put on in the car, when reading a book is a little tricky. Also the Donaldson audiobooks feature songs after the main story (since Donaldson herself actually started as a song writer) and Staunton attacks them with a gusto that I could not possibly replicate.
I never actually read/heard it, though of course I know of it. My mistake!
I'm more surprised people aren't mentioning Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II in the Crown, though again that's maybe more Brit-centric TV (I honestly don't know, I've seen everything about it and its cast, but not watched it myself).

(most recently, I realised she was Bunty in both Chicken Run movies, but obviously she's been in a ton of stuff)
I haven't been able to watch the later seasons of that series. That's what happens when things keep shifting around. At this point if it turns up on Gem, I'll watch it. But that's not likely, since it isn't a Canadian production.
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